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LUXAFLEX® Softshades create a soft ambiance


Company: Luxaflex

LUXAFLEX® Softshades create a soft ambiance that makes it easy to relax and unwind. You can adjust the amount of light coming into each room, screen out neighbours, frame a perfect view, protect furnishings from UV and prevent heat loss during winter. Compared to traditional window treatments, Softshades are a revolutionary step forward – their beautiful good looks are matched by superior functionality.

While the glass area of an average home may account for about 10% of the external area, it is responsible for up to 30% of unwanted heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Effective window insulation can dramatically improve comfort and reduce energy costs.

All LUXAFLEX® Softshades offer some degree of window insulation; however Duette® and Duette Architella® provide the most energy efficiency. The ultimate insulation solution is a fully recessed, reveal-mounted Duette Architella shade. It will reduce heat transfer through a single-glazed window by approximately 83% and has the potential to reduce home heating costs by up to 43%.

Each type of Softshade has specific functions so the individual needs of every home can be met.

Duette® has excellent insulating properties. Air is trapped within a honeycomb cell, reducing heat loss in the winter to keep you warmer, and reducing heat gain in summer to keep the home cooler. 

Duette Architella® has a unique honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb construction, to provide even greater energy efficiency.

Silhouette® is a translucent or room darkening horizontal shade with fabric vanes that can be tilted to let through varying amounts of light and closed to give complete privacy.

Luminette® is a translucent or room darkening shade with vertical fabric vanes that can be angled to vary the light from diffused shafts when open to a warm glow when fully closed.


New Polysafe Modena Vinyl Flooring – Design Freedom with safety assured

Advertorial_James Halstead

Company: Polyflor New Zealand

Polysafe Modena PUR is a supreme collection of micro-granite vinyl flooring options, marrying the worlds of high design and function, taking safety flooring to a completely new level.

Suited to heavy commercial areas, Modena offers the ultimate in design freedom at front or back of house, meeting both aesthetic and public duty of care requirements.

An array of harmonious accent colours and subtle earthy tones combine with a sparkling high clarity design to provide a creative footprint within any commercial interior. For a stylish and safe floor finish, Modena features clear aluminium oxide particles in the vinyl to create a uniquely clean decoration that ensures sustainable slip resistance in full compliance with AS/NZS 4586.

Polysafe Modena is enhanced with Polysafe PUR, an exclusive and super-strength PUR reinforcement to provide superior cleaning benefits and easier soil release. This technology is fused to the product using a specially cross-linked and UV cured process to ensure that optimum appearance levels can be achieved.

Choosing Polysafe Modena PUR means an injection of creativity that releases true design freedom, with the added reassurance of built-in sustainable slip resistance.

For more information please contact Polyflor New Zealand on 0800 765 935 or


A new flooring experience


Company: Floorspace

Floorspace and Tandus are excited to release our new size options for your designs in carpet tile installations. Traditionally you’ve been stuck with 500mm square carpet tiles…not any more; the new S,M,L and XL formats give you far more freedom to introduce new scales into the floor plane.

We’re moving toward a 670mm square standard across the range as more intricate styles evolve for interior spaces and up to a 1m square tile.

Talk to us now about how you can create new effects with larger format designs in you next commercial carpet tile project. Call 0800 SPACE1 or drop us a line at


Art for my wall

Advertorial_Design Tints

Company: Design Tints

Art for my wall is a custom printed PVC free wall paper. Easily installed with water and easily removed if required. The cool part is that you can remove it without leaving damage to your wall. That means you won’t need to repaint or re –GIB. If you are bored just replace it send an order to Design Tints and we can print off another design. You can turn that boring wall and bring it to life with your creative imagination. Let your wall speak volumes for your business or home.

PVC free wall paper combined with latex inks is environmentally friendly, Greenguard and Forestry Stewardship Council approved. Art for my wall is an odorless wall paper ideal for hospitals, clinics, kindergartens and restaurants.


The look and feel of real stone without the weight and cost

Advertorial_Hard as Rocks

Company: Hard as Rocks

Hard as Rocks are the exclusive New Zealand agents for the world’s best-selling man-made stone veneer – Eldorado Stone. Whether it is a golf course, hotel or winery, lodge or residential project or even the entrance pillars or fireplace at your home, Hard as Rocks can offer a truly authentic stone look to suit individual tastes.

Eldorado Stone is the only man-made stone in NZ to have a BRANZ Appraisal. BRANZ thoroughly tested the Hard as Rocks application to prove it to be both durable and watertight, but also tested it using the earthquake racking test to prove the system will stand up to seismic events.

Because Eldorado stone is lighter than real stone it does not require a concrete footing or expensive steel lintels so it can be installed up to 8m high in most applications over standard timber framing. It can also be installed over some existing claddings or easily applied as part of a renovation inside and outside to give your home the ‘wow’ factor.

The finished product looks and feels just like the real thing for about half the price. Choosing Eldorado Stone gives you a wide selection of both New Zealand and overseas stone profiles such as Lava rock, Hillstone, Country Rubble, Riverstone or Schist.

Hard as Rocks is installed nationwide by our own Licensed Hard as Rocks Franchisees and applicators visit the web-site to see our extensive range of stone profiles and photos of completed work as well as to download all the technical information you will need for your architect, designer or council building consent.


Cut costs not corners.


Company: Lundia

Starting-up, refitting or resizing your business can be costly and time-consuming. Lundia understands business owners’ needs and requirements from the ground up. And to lighten the load, we’re offering NZ businesses 20% off your next Lundia* project

Save your business-space, time and money.

We drive efficiencies with and from your floor plan by providing practical off-the-shelf solutions and bespoke products, which complement your brand, your business and your operational needs. We can help future-proof your environment, so if you need to expand or resize, our versatile, modular products will grow with you.

Lundia products offer enormous benefits for business of all sizes:

  • Free quote and consultation
  • Cost over floor plan savings
  • Space optimisation
  • Ergonomic planning
  • Versatile, modular and relocatable
  • Custom built and standard range
  • Design, manufacture and Installation
  • Natural timber
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly certification
  • Green star rated products

Would you like some Green Stars with that?

Many of our products have achieved Green Star ratings, so if you’re looking to reduce your carbon footprint by installing sustainable and fully certified products-we’ll help you achieve that too.

* See for terms and conditions




Company: Marley

Drain Waste and Vent products (DWV) serve as a sanitary plumbing system to take harmful waste from all homes and buildings. Your customers expect a quality plumbing system manufactured by a company with a proven history – a brand you can trust.

Don’t risk your reputation by specifying or installing anything less. Marley has six reasons why you should insist on our OPTIM® DWV Sanitary System.

Quality Assurance: Rigorous internal testing by our IANZ accredited laboratory.

Certification: Rigorous external testing by auditors to meet the New Zealand Standard.

Proven Reliability: 30 Years proven reliability manufacturing New Zealand product.

Full Range: Marley supplies a complete system with over 300 compatible pipes and fittings.

Recyclable: Marley uPVC is 100% recyclable and we recycle all manufactured uPVC on site.

Support: Nationwide technical and sales support whenever you need us.


New lights by ECC making brilliant connections for Auckland Museum


Company: ECC Lighting & Furniture

When the Auckland War Memorial Museum decided to upgrade its lighting in its architecturally-designed award-winning Atrium and around the facade of what is one of the city’s most iconic buildings they approached ECC Lighting & Furniture to provide a unique solution.

Around the outside of the Museum the exterior has been lit with colour changing RGB fittings. The fittings chosen for this part of the project were iGuzzini Linealuce and Tagada fittings.

“We were thrilled with the result that iGuzzini produced”, says Mike Thorburn, Managing Director of ECC Lighting & Furniture. “Our own beautiful Auckland Museum now joins other great buildings of the world lit by iGuzzini such as Piazza Duomo in Florence, the Cathedral of Resurrection in Saint Petersburg and the National Museum in Beijing.”

Museum electrician Paul O’Donnell says the Linealuce fittings combine high lighting performance with great energy efficiency and reduced installation and maintenance costs.

“We’re also achieving really precise, defined colours and the reach of these lights is very impressive. The Auckland Museum building is very large but it is properly saturated in colour with the iGuzzini lighting,” says O’Donnell.

The luminaires have an innovative optic able to produce a wall washer effect with very even grazing light and capable of reaching heights of up to 18 metres. The distribution of the LEDs inside the luminaire allows the creation of continuous rows without areas of shadow between modules.

“The electronic control gear enables a uniform delivery of the light flow right across the Museum which is what gives the lighting such great impact.”


Schwan SC60 instant hot and cold water filter system


Company: Merquip

Merquip is pleased to introduce the Schwan SC60, the latest underbench instant Hot & Cool filtered drinking water tap for discerning kitchen owners.

Imagine the convenience of never waiting for the kettle to boil or having to buy bottled water. Perfect for coffee, tea, soups, noodles, blanching vegetables, food preparation and countless other kitchen uses.


  • Up to 60 cups an hour of boiling hot water, adjustable up to 98°C.
  • High-clearance swivelling spout enables convenient filling of taller vessels.
  • LED light indicates your hot water temperature status.
  • Filters are so easy to change: no need to turn off isolating taps, and no drips!


  • Cool-touch spout is safe to touch.
  • Child-safety button on the hot lever
  • Non-drip dispenser
  • Two separate levers for hot and cool — no risk of accidentally turning a single-lever system the wrong way.


  • The Schwan SC60 uses less energy than a 40 watt light-bulb—cheaper to run than boiling a jug!
  • Quality stainless-steel tank means your Schwan SC60 will last.
  • Insulated tank keeps water hotter for longer.
  • Your high-quality Schwan 5-micron USA filter reduces sediment, chlorine, taste and odour, and includes a phosphate lime scale inhibitor.

With a pleasing array of features designed for convenience, efficiency, and safety, the stylish Schwan SC60 is rapidly proving popular with homeowners and specifiers all over the country. Specify a Schwan today; your clients will love you for it!

To find out how surprisingly affordable the classy new Schwan Hot Tap is, visit or phone Merquip on 0800 636 0 636.


Consider Hydronic heating for a high efficiency heating solution


Company: Leap Australasia

With energy prices rising, economy in a heating system is increasingly important. TERRATHERM by LEAP is a highly effective way to radiate comfortable, healthy warmth through your home. TERRATHERM pipes heat by circulating hot water through flexible underfloor pipes. The system delivers warmth by radiant heat transfer starting at ground level.

TERRATHERM is completely controllable giving you total flexibility to turn the heat off (or down) in individual rooms or areas you’re not using. TERRATHERM can also be connected with radiator heating in different levels or areas of the home for a complete heating solution. TERRATHERM can be powered by a renewable energy system such as LEAP’s THERMAGENIUS heat pump water heating system for a complete energy efficient solution.

TERRATHERM is more economical than electric heating. The room stays warm long after the system has been turned off. Like all really good ideas, TERRATHERM is simple. It’s easy to install and requires minimal maintenance. A TERRATHERM system is made of tough, durable materials and will add lasting value to your home.