Company: SolarKing

SolarKing are the NZ representatives for Schuco solar of Germany, one of Europes leading manufacturers of solar products.

The new range of 100% German solar power generation systems are now on the market in NZ for the 1st time and offer an extremely cost effective energy production solution for both residential and commercial clients. With returns on investment of between 10-14% these systems stack up financially for all applications. Combine this with the opportunity to make a positive contribution to the planets future by reducing carbon emissions and reliance on fossil fuels and the inclusion of solar power production in any project is compelling

SolarKing have Polycrystalline solar panels and the new generation, laminated glass, thin-film technology panels, previously never seen in NZ.

These panels can be used in many applications where other panels will not work, mounted east to west and from 10 degrees to completely vertical these panels will produce power even in diffused light.

With full technical and project design support SolarKing can assist you in making all your projects energy efficient.

See, 0508 SolarNZ

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