Company: Advanced Steel Products Ltd

Bulldog Solutions is a New Zealand owned and managed, manufacturing and supply company. All our driveway gates are custom made to suit your exact requirements.

Bulldog gates offer a variety of solutions for your swing, sliding or cantilever driveway gates, whether it be for a residential or commercial property.

Bulldog’s Epoxy Galvanized Driveway gates offer the benefits from both the hot dip galvanized steel and the aluminium types. Constructed from extra high zinc content steel, they are both strong and smooth, while the etch primed welds and epoxied surface offers a long lasting barrier to corrosion.

Bulldog’s galvanized gates are manufactured from black steel, then welded and finally hot dip galvanized after final fabrication. The net result is a gate of superb strength and excellent durability.

Bulldog’s aluminium gates are manufactured from T6063-T5 aluminium resulting in gates that give you peace of mind over durability and longevity. Depending on the construction of the gate, aluminium can be comparable in strength to that of steel gates. A significant advantage of aluminium gates compared to hot dip galvanized gates is that the surface is smooth resulting in a final powder coated surface that is beautifully smooth.

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