Company: Cupolex Building Systems

Stormwater Infrastructure is a hot topic in councils today as they pass on the responsibility to mitigate storm water runoff from impermeable surfaces to the developer. The detention tanks that are installed can be as small as 2500 litres or as big as 25,000litres and on urban sites these can be challenging to accommodate.

Cupolex foundations can be designed to accommodate these tanks easily and cost effectively. Often giving you a concreted area for use as a patio, driveway or loading dock for the same price as you would have paid for the detention tank in the first place. It can literally save you tens of thousands for commercial development. The concept can also be used for tree pits to allow for root growth.

If you are on good ground, using a Cupolex foundation will save you $5/m2. Hard to believe? Send us your plans.

Finally using Cupolex is a cost effective alternative to hard fill. In CHCH with top soil depths of 300mm+ the high cost of getting back up to natural ground to then put a slab on ground makes Cupolex a cheaper option than compacted layers of hard fill. With a finished height of 410mm Cupolex foundations will save time and money.

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