Company: Gilt Edge

GRADUS has developed its traditional stair edging design with the introduction of the GRADUS XT range, offering the ultimate solution in reducing slips, trips and falls.

The GRADUS XT range features an extended insert that continues around the leading edge of the stair edging to ensure that contact is always made with the slip-resistant element of the stair nosing (edge of the step).

This feature reduces the risk of lost traction to the user, by increasing the available friction at the nosing, and lessening the potential for a serious fall.

Not only are the GRADUS XT stair nosing’s safe and practical, they are very stylish, offering 4 x profiles to suit all floorcovering variations.

There is an excellent insert colour pallet available, catering for all safety requirements, and enabling colour contrasting with surrounding floorcoverings and decor, the silver satin anodised aluminium surface will give you the prefect finishing touch to any building project.

Gilt Edge Industries Limited are proud to supply and stock the most advanced stair nosing in the market today, and look forward to assisting and advising you with your GRADUS XT specification.

Gilt edge advertorial_2

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