Company: Merquip

Finally, a boiling and chilled water system that ticks all the boxes!
Choose between the following new tap options:
  • Levered dispenser option: The levered dispenser is streamlined and elegant. It is simply operated with position-sensitive levers.
  • Touch dispenser option: The touch dispenser is an innovative, contemporary tap, with no levers to interfere with the clean, sophisticated style. It has an operation panel on the top of the tap.
  • Remote dispenser option: The remote option is another version of the lever free tap; however the operation panel is located away from the tap. This can be installed in your desired position to meet design requirements.
  • Integrated font option: The new integrated flush mount font is the perfect addition to the new tap,  creating the ultimate in modern, clean styling.
Combine these new dispenser options with the most compact, most energy-efficient units of their kind, and you have the premium range of boiling and chilled filtered drinking water systems available. To further enhance your kitchen, Billi is the only brand of its kind that requires no cupboard ventilation for the under-bench unit.
New tap designs available very soon.
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