Company: Marley

Drain Waste and Vent products (DWV) serve as a sanitary plumbing system to take harmful waste from all homes and buildings. Your customers expect a quality plumbing system manufactured by a company with a proven history – a brand you can trust.

Don’t risk your reputation by specifying or installing anything less. Marley has six reasons why you should insist on our OPTIM® DWV Sanitary System.

Quality Assurance: Rigorous internal testing by our IANZ accredited laboratory.

Certification: Rigorous external testing by auditors to meet the New Zealand Standard.

Proven Reliability: 30 Years proven reliability manufacturing New Zealand product.

Full Range: Marley supplies a complete system with over 300 compatible pipes and fittings.

Recyclable: Marley uPVC is 100% recyclable and we recycle all manufactured uPVC on site.

Support: Nationwide technical and sales support whenever you need us.