Company: Luxaflex

LUXAFLEX® Softshades create a soft ambiance that makes it easy to relax and unwind. You can adjust the amount of light coming into each room, screen out neighbours, frame a perfect view, protect furnishings from UV and prevent heat loss during winter. Compared to traditional window treatments, Softshades are a revolutionary step forward – their beautiful good looks are matched by superior functionality.

While the glass area of an average home may account for about 10% of the external area, it is responsible for up to 30% of unwanted heat loss in winter and heat gain in summer. Effective window insulation can dramatically improve comfort and reduce energy costs.

All LUXAFLEX® Softshades offer some degree of window insulation; however Duette® and Duette Architella® provide the most energy efficiency. The ultimate insulation solution is a fully recessed, reveal-mounted Duette Architella shade. It will reduce heat transfer through a single-glazed window by approximately 83% and has the potential to reduce home heating costs by up to 43%.

Each type of Softshade has specific functions so the individual needs of every home can be met.

Duette® has excellent insulating properties. Air is trapped within a honeycomb cell, reducing heat loss in the winter to keep you warmer, and reducing heat gain in summer to keep the home cooler. 

Duette Architella® has a unique honeycomb-within-a-honeycomb construction, to provide even greater energy efficiency.

Silhouette® is a translucent or room darkening horizontal shade with fabric vanes that can be tilted to let through varying amounts of light and closed to give complete privacy.

Luminette® is a translucent or room darkening shade with vertical fabric vanes that can be angled to vary the light from diffused shafts when open to a warm glow when fully closed.