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Devan Aerated Wastewater Treatment System


Company: Devan Plastics Ltd

We are all very aware of the short comings of the ‘cowboy created’ wastewater treatment systems that come to the market periodically. In July 2009 Devan introduced to the market the fully scalable Devan Aerated Wastewater Treatment System.

The Devan Aerated Wastewater Treatment System has been heavily engineered by some of the world leaders in underground vessel design to ensure the product will stand the test of time. Engineers and specifiers love the Devan system because it is scalable and flexible. Whether you are specifying for a public toilet, a 3 bedroom home or a 200 employee factory, the Devan system can be scaled to accommodate the specifics of the job.

Along with existing relationships with all councils around New Zealand, Devan have in-house designers qualified to specify the size of the system required, the size and location of the distribution field and will help you get your plans accepted first time, every time.

Craig Rall is the resident wastewater expert and he is happy to meet with any specifiers wanting to learn more about the Devan system and how a partnership with Devan can strengthen the services provided by specifiers to their customers.

Phone Devan on 0800 338 268.


Stoneology Kitchen Tops


Company: Stoneology

Stoneology is a New Zealand owned company, proudly offering an exciting range of engineered quartz stone sheets for the manufacture of quartz kitchen bench tops, bathroom vanities, splash backs, retail counters, commercial interiors, flooring, hearths, shower and wall linings. Whether you are doing a renovation or building new, Stoneology kitchen tops are the right answer.


  • One of the hardest quartz engineered stones on the NZ market. Extremely durable and scratch resistant
  • Stoneology 12 year Warranty for peace of mind
  • 10 Stylish colours with consistent colour and chip throughout
  • Large sheet size of 3200 x 1400 allows for more economical use
  • 12mm full depth of colour makes it ideal for under-mount sinks
  • Stain, heat and acid resistant
  • Maintenance free – warm soapy water as a daily clean
  • Non-porous – never requires sealing






Company: Armourtech Solutions

“A breakthrough technology! That’s how it’s been described.”

Using the unique properties of Lythic Concrete Densifiers, a new polishing alternative has been perfected.

Lythic Solutions Densifier Increases abrasion resistance extending the life expectancy and integrity of the floor.

Why Colloidal Silica is better for your Concrete

The Lythic Hardware Floor Process
Save up to 90% on labour. No scrub-in. No scrub off. No disposal. No overnight curing. It provides a great-looking, low-maintenance floor, less all the costs/time/environmental impact of current methods.

Lythic Exposed Aggregate Floor
The right Gloss at the Right Price. Increase efficiency and saving on labour and consumables. It’s fast, safe, and environmentally friendly.
Reduce labour, boost performance and offer new options for concrete floor finishes you didn’t know were possible.

Be amazed at how Little it Took to get such a Fabulous Look!

Talk with Armourtech Solutions.


DAY1 wins MIP 2013:  Lythic’s DAY1 Power Troweling Aid selected as Most Innovative Product at WOC 2013.


Architectural Series


Company: Aluminium Systems

Architectural Series – Engineered for significantly larger windows and doors with unparalleled Performance.

The trend for large openings in residential design stretches the capabilities of standard residential joinery; the solution is the Architectural Series from Aluminium Systems.

The Architectural Series has a high performing, extensive aluminium window and door range consisting of awning and casement windows, bi-fold and hinged doors, to stacking sliders. In addition, strip glazing for long run windows and low profile or recessed tracks is available.

Designed for all applications; from large high end residential homes, unique or specific design including high rise commercial, apartment blocks and schools, with the ability to turn your project from the ordinary to the extraordinary!

The clean visual aesthetics combined with a robust performance; with a larger than normal glazing capability to allow for modern design requirements and varying glass types. With its superior strength and designs it delivers impressive openings and the ability to withstand New Zealand’s extreme weather conditions.

If you require further information for a particular project, please check out our website


Solar Prices Continue to Fall


Company: SolarKing

With the global pressure on solar prices we are seeing a reduction in the cost of installing solar power here in NZ.

SolarKing can now supply solar power systems on a commercial basis that have a sub-7 year payback term. Increasing interest is being shown from commercial property owners, health and education sector and home owners. With a return on investment now around 15% in the first year and increasing every year as power prices increase, the financial case for installing solar is becoming compelling.

To compliment their range of German systems SolarKing are now importing top quality Chinese panels, which matched with German inverters provide an excellent lower cost solution for both large scale installations and the residential market. Installed cost of a system has never been lower and for some very large scale installations is now below $3,000 Kw.

Meridian energy report that there were approximately 120 renewable energy installs in the 2012 year, but this year they are receiving 1-2 applications a day. This reflects both the reduction in cost and the increased awareness in the market of the benefits of solar power installation, together with increasing power costs.

There is a viable export energy market with Meridian paying 25c kwh, which is about full retail price in most areas, for the first 150 kwh month exported and thereafter 10c kwh.

Given that the wholesale cost of power to Meridian is around 3.5c this is a generous tariff. In situations where the bulk of energy use is during daylight hours, such as some commercial and industrial businesses and schools it is possible to almost fully offset the power cost.

In commercial 24 hour operations such as supermarkets, a 40-50% coverage can be achieved. Solar power is coming into its own in NZ and is on the way to catching up with the rest of the world where it is the norm, not the exception.

When the financial savings are considered along with the environmental and green star rating benefits there is really no argument that solar power JUST MAKES SENSE.


20mm Deck Jack Tiles

Advertorial_tile warehouse_1

Company: Tile Warehouse

20mm tiles are now available at the Tile Warehouse in three colour options; Black, Grey and Sandstone Grey.

These 600mm x 600mm tiles do not require centre support so are cost effective.

They feature high abrasion resistance and have been used in squares, balconies, subways, airports, parking lots, gardens, walkways and parks.

Nuralite deck jacks