Company: Armourtech Solutions

“A breakthrough technology! That’s how it’s been described.”

Using the unique properties of Lythic Concrete Densifiers, a new polishing alternative has been perfected.

Lythic Solutions Densifier Increases abrasion resistance extending the life expectancy and integrity of the floor.

Why Colloidal Silica is better for your Concrete

The Lythic Hardware Floor Process
Save up to 90% on labour. No scrub-in. No scrub off. No disposal. No overnight curing. It provides a great-looking, low-maintenance floor, less all the costs/time/environmental impact of current methods.

Lythic Exposed Aggregate Floor
The right Gloss at the Right Price. Increase efficiency and saving on labour and consumables. It’s fast, safe, and environmentally friendly.
Reduce labour, boost performance and offer new options for concrete floor finishes you didn’t know were possible.

Be amazed at how Little it Took to get such a Fabulous Look!

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DAY1 wins MIP 2013:  Lythic’s DAY1 Power Troweling Aid selected as Most Innovative Product at WOC 2013.