Company: Devan Plastics Ltd

We are all very aware of the short comings of the ‘cowboy created’ wastewater treatment systems that come to the market periodically. In July 2009 Devan introduced to the market the fully scalable Devan Aerated Wastewater Treatment System.

The Devan Aerated Wastewater Treatment System has been heavily engineered by some of the world leaders in underground vessel design to ensure the product will stand the test of time. Engineers and specifiers love the Devan system because it is scalable and flexible. Whether you are specifying for a public toilet, a 3 bedroom home or a 200 employee factory, the Devan system can be scaled to accommodate the specifics of the job.

Along with existing relationships with all councils around New Zealand, Devan have in-house designers qualified to specify the size of the system required, the size and location of the distribution field and will help you get your plans accepted first time, every time.

Craig Rall is the resident wastewater expert and he is happy to meet with any specifiers wanting to learn more about the Devan system and how a partnership with Devan can strengthen the services provided by specifiers to their customers.

Phone Devan on 0800 338 268.