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Pioneers of polyester insulation

Advertorial_Insulpro_From Waste to Warmth

Company: InsulPro Manufacturing Ltd

InsulPro Manufacturing Ltd’s founders were the pioneers of polyester insulation in New Zealand and are passionate about protecting the environment while creating warmer, quieter, healthier and more energy efficient homes and buildings.

The benefits of InsulPro polyester insulation include:

  • Soft to touch
  • Non-irritant
  • Odourless
  • Vermin resistant
  • Safe and easy to install
  • Made using fibres from recycled plastic bottles
  • Assists in achieving a more energy efficient home
  • Excellent durability and will last for 50 years*
  • Made in New Zealand

* Terms and conditions apply

New Zealand owned and operated, InsulPro manufactures its polyester insulation in East Tamaki and Milton using fibres from recycled plastic bottles to make soft, non-itch thermal and acoustic insulation products for the domestic and export market.  In addition to reducing waste in the planet’s landfills, InsulPro uses heat-bonding rather than glues and chemicals to produce non-toxic, effective, long-lasting insulation that is guaranteed to perform and not sag for at least 50 years (subject to correct installation & adequate protection).

100% New Zealand made, effective and 100% recyclable – InsulPro are the Insulation Professionals. Click here to enquire about InsulPro.


NOVAhush Panel Abosorber suspended ceiling to reduce noise reverberation.

InsulPro’s commercial product  range encompasses NOVAtherm ceiling, wall & underfloor blanket and pads, NOVAfloor high density pads & NOVAhush acoustic blankets and panels.

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InsulPro’s residential product range is covered by Mammoth Multi, ceiling & wall blanket, wall sections and acoustic blanket.

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Win a colourful award in the Resene Total Colour Awards 2013!


Company: Resene

Show your true colours and receive the recognition you deserve – enter the Resene Total Colour Awards 2013!

The Resene Total Colour Awards recognise outstanding use of colour. We want to celebrate the best of the best.

And to make it easier to enter this year you can enter your images and information electronically or send them in on a disk if you prefer – whichever suits you. No colour board is needed.

Categories include: Residential – Interior, Residential – Exterior, Commercial – Exterior, Commercial – Interior Public/Retail, Commercial – Interior Office, Landscape, Education, Heritage, Neutrals, Product/Display, Rising Star – Student, Lifetime Achievement. Commercial includes commercial, corporate rebranding, industrial, government sector.

A wide range of entries each year are showcased on the Resene website in the Resene Total Colour Awards gallery and are included in Resene media throughout the year. For the colourful winners, each category winner will win NZ$1000 and a coveted Resene Total Colour Award sculpture and the overall Nightingale winner will win NZ$2500 and an exclusive Resene Total Colour – Nightingale Award sculpture.

Entries are now open.

See the Resene website or email for an entry form. Entries close 21 June 2013.



Industry Leaders in Heating Solutions

Advertorial_Central Heating_A

Company: Central Heating New Zealand

Central Heating New Zealand Ltd is the leading specialist warm water central heating supplier in the country. We market and distribute a complete range of high quality European products and engineered solutions to both the commercial and residential market.

Since 2001, our passion for comfort and energy efficiency has built us a reputation for high value service and expertise. Our team of 30 staff, including heating engineers, CAD operators, technical sales representatives and after sales support engineers, has in-depth product knowledge and experience, giving mechanical specifiers, architects and trade installers great support.

CHNZ’s specialty covers a variety of different heat sources and heat distribution methods. In conjunction with mechanical consultants, we have designed and supplied a large number of projects utilising underfloor heating, a heat distribution method gaining tremendous popularity in both commercial and residential settings due to higher comfort. We have passionately pioneered the development of geothermal ground source heating and cooling technology in NZ and have been involved in over 60 projects since 2008.

When a mechanical specifier wanted a solution to the aging boilers in BP House, they turned to CHNZ to offer a modern solution: a cascade of six Baxi 150kW condensing boilers, which lead to substantial savings in energy costs, maximised the available floor space and cut CO2 emissions by 50%.

For more information, visit

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Fire and Acoustic Systems for High Density Design

Advertorial_James Hardie

Company: James Hardie

James Hardie has a range of external cladding products which are suitable for use where non-combustible cladding materials are required as per section 5.8.1 of Acceptable Solutions of ‘Protection from Fire’ Clause-C of NZBC in high density design.

Cladding solutions such as Scyon Linea Weatherboard, Scyon Stria Cladding, Scyon Axon Panel or Titan Façade Panel with coating thickness of less than 1mm, are suitable when designing fire resistant systems for use in multiple tenancy occupation in a building or when close to boundaries.

Another solution to consider is when James Hardie RAB Board is used in lieu of a building underlay in a James Hardie fire rated system, then the published fire rating can be achieved without relying on the cladding product.

The range of James Hardie claddings 6mm or thicker are suitable for use in fire rated wall systems, with a range of interior linings suitable for sound-insulated walls that are suitable for use in apartments, hotels, motels and similar accommodation.

James Hardie internal lining products have the material ‘Group Number’ of 1-S or 1 when tested as per ISO9705 (e.g. Rawform, HardieGlaze & Horizon have a Group Number 1-S and Villaboard and HardieGroove have a Group Number 1). Villaboard lining is not only suitable for use in internal fire rated and acoustic rated walls, it can also be used to achieve bracing where required, providing significant bracing strength immediately after the installation.

The James Hardie Fire & Acoustic Design Manual is intended to assist designers in selecting a suitable system which will meet their performance requirements. Download a copy of the James Hardie Fire & Acoustic Design Manual.

To learn more about the changes to NZBC Clause-C, you can contact your local James Hardie Territory Sales Manager and request for a practice/firm presentation. ASK JAMES HARDIE 0800 808 868 and request to be put through to your local representative.


BGC Fibre Cement – Innova Range


Company: BGC Fibre Cement

BGC Fibre Cement’s Innova™ range is New Zealand’s only fully BRANZ Appraised suite of fibre cement claddings available on the market today.

The Innova™ Range is made up of:

BGC Fibre Cement is committed to ensuring the Innova Range is fully compliant with the New Zealand Building Code and independently tested to ensure they can be specified with confidence.

The Innova range is backed up by innovative 3d detailed brochures and full architectural details.

All specification details are available on Productspec and also specifications on Smartspec.

All Innova products are backed up with a minimum of a 15 year warranty.

BGC Fibre Cement is a division of BGC (Australia) PTY Ltd which is one of Australasia’s largest privately owned companies.

For further information or to receive a copy of our brochures, please email or phone 0800 424 234.



EPAR 121B Epoxy Coating for Asphalt


Company: Fraser Brown & Stratmore Ltd

Fraser Brown & Stratmore Limited, a NZ owned and operated company, has developed a new epoxy coating/joint filler EPAR 121B for asphaltic and bitumen surfaces. EPAR 121B has excellent compatibility with asphaltic surfaces. It may be used as a coating onto which grit or aggregate is bonded to form a skid resistant wearing course and may be used as a chemically resistant coating for bitumen and concrete surfaces, against acids, oils, fats etc. EPAR 121B cures at temperatures down to 0°C.

The combination of flexibility and hardness make EPAR 121B suitable as a joint filler where a small amount of movement is expected, e.g., expansion joints in concrete slabs or where asphaltic driveways & roads meet concrete or brick surrounds. EPAR 121B mixed with silica aggregate is an excellent expansion joint nosing material for bridges.

EPAR 121B is suitable for use on asphalt race tracks where the surface has deteriorated, particularly on corners and other high wear zones or as an additional protection against damage to new asphalt. It may be applied with or without silica aggregate. It may be used in architectural applications where asphalt requires repair or protection.


Fast and Efficient


Company: Carter Holt Harvey

Ecoply® Barrier is a 7mm thick structural plywood panel which is coated on the face and edges using an advanced polyester powder coating process.

It provides a weathertight rigid air barrier for drained and vented cavity systems outside the building frame, effectively replacing traditional building wrap in the cavity while providing structural bracing and forming a strong secondary line of defence against moisture penetration into the building envelope.

Ecoply Barrier installs quickly– just fasten the panels and tape the seams – and can potentially save 2-4 weeks off the total house build time by allowing a faster building close in.

Ecoply Barrier is available from all leading Building Merchants.



Why reclad with bricks?


Company: Specialized Construction Products

Following Christchurch’s devastating earthquakes, for anyone who has any concerns or doubts about recladding with bricks, Caviteclad Thermashell may provide the answer.

Thermashell is a cavity-based external wall cladding system for residential and light commercial buildings where domestic construction techniques are used. Thermashell is classed as an Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EIFS) and uses either 75mm or 90mm Neopor EPS panels as a plaster backing substrate to provide a lightweight, durable exterior cladding system. The system is fully BRANZ appraised and fully flashed using proprietary penetration flashings to create a dry cavity system. It’s installed by a certified contractors network and incorporates a primary and secondary means of weather resistance against water ingress. At only 9kg/m2 the entire system weighs less than 10% of the original brick veneer placing less stress and weight on the existing foundations.

Not only will Caviteclad Thermashell massively increase the existing thermal envelope of every dwelling to which it is applied (R=3.65 with R2.2 wall batt), but structural raking tests using EIF Systems have proven that the fixings used are able to move within the substrate. This will massively reduce the likelihood of future earthquake damage or settlement damage occurring in the cladding even in extreme circumstances.



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PVC Goes Green


Company: Marley New Zealand

In 2010 the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) reviewed its Green Star rating tool. Under a new approach, the use of PVC pressure and non-pressure pipe, conduit and fittings can assist buildings to qualify for positive credits where pipe and fittings can be shown to comply with the GBCA “Best Practice Guidelines for PVC in the Built Environment”.

This resulted in the New Zealand Green Building Council also reviewing its stance towards the use of PVC in buildings. In July 2012 they also introduced a credit for PVC that is made using Best Environmental Practice (BEP) and at the same time established a strict set of criteria for PVC manufacturers to meet before gaining accreditation.

In short, it means that PVC products that meet the BEP criteria can now be specified in New Zealand commercial buildings and gain credits or points towards the building’s overall Green star rating. BEP-accredited PVC has been allocated a maximum of 3 points.

As a means of demonstrating its environmental credentials, Marley New Zealand underwent an extensive audit process by independent third-party certifier  Telarc. In January 2013, Marley was issued with a BEP Certificate of Compliance meaning that the specification of Marley PVC products in a Green Star rated building will now qualify for up to 3 points.

Marley is currently the only New Zealand PVC manufacturer and /or supplier of PVC that is BEP compliant for a full system of Electrical Conduit Pipes and Fittings and one of only two companies, for the rest of the range of PVC pipes and fittings products that Marley manufacture.

The Green Star rating system has been the subject of recent debate with Auckland City Council recently proposing that all new offices and industrial buildings should be required to meet 5 Star Green Star environmental standards. This in turn places renewed emphasis on manufacturers such as Marley to prove that they are environmentally responsible.

Marley‘s BEP accreditation is particularly relevant in the specification of Green Star commercial buildings but also reinforces their environmentally responsible approach across the entire Marley PVC product range.

To read more about the NZGBC revised PVC credit please click here.


New Premi-Aire™ cushion head box


Company: Holyoake Industries Ltd

This year Holyoake Industries celebrates its 60th Anniversary. Our innovative approach to design and our investment in laboratory testing has meant we, as leaders in our field we have been able to advise and assist architects, engineers, builders both in New Zealand and Australia.

Premi-Aire™ is Holyoake’s pre insulated cushion head box which is changing the way the industry designs, fabricates and installs HVAC Systems.

Premi-Aire™ is a proven performer with over 10,000 items already supplied into the New Zealand market in the past 2 years. It is cut with our own in house CNC machine and is Ultra Light Weight when compared to traditional sheet metal  A typical cushion head box in galvanised steel can weigh up to 12kgs where the same sized box in Premi-Aire™ weighs 4kg. It can easily be lifted by one person in most cases, which means that the installation time is reduced by approximately 40 to 50% over traditional sheet metal.

Premi-Aire™ has an insulation value of R1 and is only 20mm thick and has been pressure tested up to 250pa for Cushion Head boxes and Plenums.

If you purchase from Holyoake’s, you know the products have been tested to New Zealand Conditions and Standards. Premi-Aire™ is Certified to AS/NZS 1530.3, AS4254 and manufactured to ISO 9001:2008 certification. All Holyoake Diffusers have been tested with  Premi-Aire™ and therefore we know you will get the performance you require.

To find your local Branch visit


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