Company: Marley New Zealand

In 2010 the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA) reviewed its Green Star rating tool. Under a new approach, the use of PVC pressure and non-pressure pipe, conduit and fittings can assist buildings to qualify for positive credits where pipe and fittings can be shown to comply with the GBCA “Best Practice Guidelines for PVC in the Built Environment”.

This resulted in the New Zealand Green Building Council also reviewing its stance towards the use of PVC in buildings. In July 2012 they also introduced a credit for PVC that is made using Best Environmental Practice (BEP) and at the same time established a strict set of criteria for PVC manufacturers to meet before gaining accreditation.

In short, it means that PVC products that meet the BEP criteria can now be specified in New Zealand commercial buildings and gain credits or points towards the building’s overall Green star rating. BEP-accredited PVC has been allocated a maximum of 3 points.

As a means of demonstrating its environmental credentials, Marley New Zealand underwent an extensive audit process by independent third-party certifier  Telarc. In January 2013, Marley was issued with a BEP Certificate of Compliance meaning that the specification of Marley PVC products in a Green Star rated building will now qualify for up to 3 points.

Marley is currently the only New Zealand PVC manufacturer and /or supplier of PVC that is BEP compliant for a full system of Electrical Conduit Pipes and Fittings and one of only two companies, for the rest of the range of PVC pipes and fittings products that Marley manufacture.

The Green Star rating system has been the subject of recent debate with Auckland City Council recently proposing that all new offices and industrial buildings should be required to meet 5 Star Green Star environmental standards. This in turn places renewed emphasis on manufacturers such as Marley to prove that they are environmentally responsible.

Marley‘s BEP accreditation is particularly relevant in the specification of Green Star commercial buildings but also reinforces their environmentally responsible approach across the entire Marley PVC product range.

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