Company: Fraser Brown & Stratmore Ltd

Fraser Brown & Stratmore Limited, a NZ owned and operated company, has developed a new epoxy coating/joint filler EPAR 121B for asphaltic and bitumen surfaces. EPAR 121B has excellent compatibility with asphaltic surfaces. It may be used as a coating onto which grit or aggregate is bonded to form a skid resistant wearing course and may be used as a chemically resistant coating for bitumen and concrete surfaces, against acids, oils, fats etc. EPAR 121B cures at temperatures down to 0°C.

The combination of flexibility and hardness make EPAR 121B suitable as a joint filler where a small amount of movement is expected, e.g., expansion joints in concrete slabs or where asphaltic driveways & roads meet concrete or brick surrounds. EPAR 121B mixed with silica aggregate is an excellent expansion joint nosing material for bridges.

EPAR 121B is suitable for use on asphalt race tracks where the surface has deteriorated, particularly on corners and other high wear zones or as an additional protection against damage to new asphalt. It may be applied with or without silica aggregate. It may be used in architectural applications where asphalt requires repair or protection.