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Ace Doors Roller Shutter / Hinged and Sliding Door Solutions


Company: AceDoor Systems

Ace Door Systems Ltd is the fastest growing commercial roller shutter and hinged / sliding door manufacturer in New Zealand; producing a wide range of quality, yet competitively priced products.

For warehousing and distribution applications, we manufacture the HushshutterTM Commercial Roller Shutter which is suitable for buildings with a maximum opening of 6.000m h x 8.000m w. The Hushshutter incorporates 2mm thick galvanised steel silenced guides with hardened PVC full length wear strips eliminating metal to metal contact for quiet travel.


The SpeedshutterTM is a High Speed Insulated Roller Shutter that offers very fast operation; providing both excellent security and environment / hygiene control of a fabric fast acting door combined with excellent insulating benefits. The curtain consists of 100mm w x 23mm d two piece hollow section with 1mm aluminium on the outside and PVC inner section with an insulating core of fire resistant polyurethane foam providing a U value = 2.74W / M2

Ace doors also offers a wide range of hinged and sliding doors to team up with the roller shutter of your choice.

a) Hinged Doors

  • DuradoorTM (Warehouses, factories, public amenities,etc)
  • ProcessTM Door (Cold storage and controlled environments)
  • CoolcladTM (Medium temperature freezers and chillers)
  • PersonnelTM Door (Steel frame sheds, barns)
  • DurasteelTM Door (High security)

b) Sliding Doors

  • Freezer Sliding Door (Low temperature freezers and chillers)
  • Coolroom Sliding Door Medium temperature freezers and chillers)
  • ProcessTM Sliding Door (Cold storage and controlled environments

Read more at or for PDF or DWG construction details or contact us on 09-273-4970. For individual product specifications go to or email


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Colt Coolstream Evaporative Cooler


Company: Colt Products and Systems

Colt Coolstream is a natural cooling system which employs the principle of adiabatic evaporation. Evaporative cooling is an efficient and effective alternative to conventional air conditioning. This is particularly so in storage, production facilities or gymnasiums where these buildings are too large for air conditioning to be cost-effective. It is safe and eco-friendly, supplying 100% fresh air and thereby maintains air quality. It is well suited to industries such as plastics, metal or food and for installation into warehouses, restaurants, exhibition centres and gymnasiums.

Evaporative cooling is 4 to 7 times more economical than conventional systems and is a much lower investment. Heat is forced from the building, through natural ventilators, and is replaced by cool 100% fresh air. You pay only for the operation of a supply fan and water as the cooling process is free and so is the heat extraction.

Colt Coolstream has been extensively tested and certified hygienically in accordance with VDI 6022 and EN 13779 and comes with its own central remote control which manages the entire installation. This ability to function automatically throughout the year and employ various control modes for not only summer but winter, spring and autumn sets it apart from anything before.

For a free no obligation quote or for some friendly advice please contact:

Or visit



Interior Decorative Products


Company: Bestwood™

The Bestwood™ brand represents a range of interior decorative products manufactured  by Carter Holt Harvey™ Woodproducts including Bestwood Melamine, Natural Wood Veneer, Recon Veneer, Vinyl, Foil, Bestwood Ply and the latest addition Siena Wood veneer.

In addition, CHH Woodproducts manufacturers an extensive range of building and construction products including Kopine™ Particleboard panels, and represents other manufacturers’ products including Customwood™ MDF. These products complement  each other to offer a complete bundle of environmentally sustainable interior decorative products, to suit any project.

We aim to provide you with colours and finishes which will ensure inspirational and sustainable designs.

Bestwood™ Melamine is contemporary design at its best. The sophisticated range of colours, textures and wood grains delivers an authentic appeal with a variety of creative surface finishes available to enhance any residential or commercial project.

Bestwood™ Natural Wood Veneer offers a vast array of creative panel options to create a unique natural look in any project. The intricate grain, rich colours, warmth, beauty and individuality of natural wood veneer, is unsurpassed by any other natural material.

Bestwood™ Siena Wood Veneer. Sourced in Italy – Inspired by New Zealand,  Siena provides a modern day solution for creating memorable designs that respect the natural world it seeks to recreate.


New Asta Dinning Ranges by Gloster


Company: Coastal Design

Colour me perfect with Asta – Stylish, stackable, contemporary and wildly fun, this Italian designed collection is created by internationally acclaimed award winning brothers: Edi and Paolo Ciani.

Asta represents their latest foray into outdoor furniture and features stainless steel rods bent and welded to create a continuous curved form, with the freedom of choice to change sling seat colours to suit any design mood.

Perfect for any living area, irrespective of style or size, Asta’s minimal design and superbly strong structure will beautifully sit anywhere. For 2012, Gloster is launching a stackable dining chair with and without arms as well as a deep seating lounge chair and ottoman.

Removable and easily replaceable, multicoloured covers are central to the award winning Asta collection, adding an environmentally friendly twist to their stylish theme: Want to update that outdoor space? A simple facelift is easily achieved… just add new covers instead of purchasing completely new garden furniture.




Acoustic Plus™ High Performance Ceiling System ideal solution for modern teaching and learning spaces


Company: Ecoplus Systems

Raking ceilings, exposed trusses and intricate angles throughout this new classroom block at Marina View School in Auckland required a detailed approach to the ceiling design and skilful attention to detail during installation. Stryde Projects engaged Accurate Interiors to install the ceiling, achieving an outstanding result.

This new classroom block addition, designed by Stephenson Turner, provides an inspirational and versatile learning space with a lighter, more communal feel. Aesthetically pleasing, Acoustic Plus Ceiling Tiles are Green Star-rated and deliver exceptional ISO class A sound absorption – important aspects for a high quality teaching and learning environment.

Ecoplus Systems supplies innovative and performance-tested suspended ceiling systems, acoustical ceiling solutions and decorative wall treatments. Our products are installed into a wide range of applications throughout New Zealand. For more information about our products call 0800 432 675 or email

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EZfenz – lightweight Autoclaved Aerated Concrete panel fence system


Company: Specialized

Perimeter fencing can have a number of different functions, from simply being a boundary marker to providing a very high level of security. EZfenz is a lightweight Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) panel fence system which can be easily customised to create an attractive and effective solution for sound abatement, security and privacy.

In combination with your EZfenz posts and panels, you can also use preassembled wood fencing sections, trellis and corrugated iron just to name a few. The style of the fence you ultimately choose is only limited by your own needs and your own imagination. The do-it-yourself EZfenz System will provide you with the crisp clean look of solid plastered masonry at a fraction of the price and all without having to lift a plasterers trowel.

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New surface finish for Scyon® Axon® Panel


Company: James Hardie

Scyon® Axon® Panel is now available in a new surface finish that offers the impression of a traditional wood-grain texture.

Scyon® Axon® Panel

Scyon® Axon® Panel is a vertically grooved panel with a 133mm or 400mm wide groove pattern that looks sharp and uniform. Pre-primed and easy to install, Scyon® Axon® Panel is a pristine look that lasts.

It is a design alternative to traditional vertical features and the option of brad nailing also minimises visual interruptions. It also comes with a great online technical & design resource via

Available in 3 panel sizes 2450/2750/3000mm

Advanced Material

Scyon® Axon® Panel is made from Advanced Lightweight Cement Composite with heavy duty performance, Scyon® Axon® Panel is resistant to damage from fire, moisture and rot cut and gun-nailable.



Think Open. Think Free. Think Beautiful.


Company: Louvretec

Louvretec Opening Roofs are custom built to any design, taste or style. They don’t offer an out-of-the-box solution, their roofs are bespoke in order to blend beautifully with your unique home or building. Whether your mark is made through colour or shape, Louvretec’s versatile in their design and build to accommodate any style.

Providing protection from any element, letting the freshness of a summer day in to your space doesn’t mean you have to feel the full force of the sun, instead relax and choose your Opening Roof setting for ultimate comfort. The power is in your control to create the perfect mood by either letting in the stars for a moonlit dinner or continuing your party when the heavens open. When closed, the roof louvres form a smooth ceiling adding to the refined effect of the design.

Louvretec has 5 different Opening Roof styles to choose from including the new Super Roof.

Explore the options at and arrange your no obligation site visit and quotation today. Available nationwide.



The future of gate hardware is now!


Company: BTI (NZ) Limited

From D&D Technologies, BTI is pleased to unveil the next generation in gate hardware.

More than a latch, it’s a lock! LokkLatch® Magnetic is the world’s first gate lock designed specially for gates that provides typically only found on door locks, eliminating the needs to use inappropriate locks designed for internal use. The new chrome-look and brushed stainless-look finishes can be matched to the fence and other hardware … without corrosion.

The world’s best self-closing gate hinges just got even better: now 40% stronger and with trim covers to hide fasteners. Top-selling TruClose® safety gate hinges have long been the most reliable self-closing hinges on the market. The new ‘Series 3’ range offers a unique, custom approach to gate hardware by introducing trim covers to match the gate lock or latch, while concealing all fasteners.


The Craftstone Real Stone Veneer System


Company: Craftstone NZ Ltd

Craftstone NZ Ltd is a well established and market leading supplier of schist veneer stone and associated products which are available NZ wide.

The Craftstone Real Stone Veneer System is fully BRANZ Appraised and is Building Code Compliant, meeting all Weather-tightness and Seismic requirements.

In fact the Craftstone Real Stone Veneer System is the only reinforced stone veneer system in New Zealand today, a real comfort considering the impact of the Canterbury earthquakes on brick & masonry systems. Craftstone is the only real stone veneer Approved by Wellington Council & is also Pre-Approved by the Auckland Council.

No fake stone comes close to the real thing in either looks or durability. Our stone is real and does not need to be UV tested. Craftstone. Real Stone. Real Simple!

In addition the Craftstone Real Stone Veneer System is classified as a medium weight cladding under the NZ Building Code. This is the same weight as fake stone veneers. And better still, Craftstone Real Stone Veneer is price competitive with these fake products. So really, why settle for less?

What does all this mean for you. Simple. Specify Craftstone Real Stone Veneer as your stone of choice on all plans and projects, and have the confidence that you are specifying the best, and safest, stone system available!