Company: Anzor Fasteners Ltd

To help architects avoid common mistakes when specifying stainless steel products, Anzor has put together this simple DOs & DON’Ts Guide.

Here are a couple of tips from it:

  • Select the right grade: there are many grades of stainless steel. The two common grades are 304 and 316, with 316 being more corrosion resistant than 304. Generally, if in a corrosive environment e.g. within 5km of the coast, 316 is preferable as it’s less likely to ‘tea-stain’ or develop surface rust. Also see grade guide.
  • Select the right finish: the smoother the finish, the better the corrosion resistance. Avoid ‘brushed’ (with grains) finishes in corrosive environments as these are more likely to develop surface rust. This is made worse if the stainless is not exposed to rainwater to wash away corrosive particles.

See the full DOs & DON’Ts Guide.