Company: BTI (NZ) Limited

From D&D Technologies, BTI is pleased to unveil the next generation in gate hardware.

More than a latch, it’s a lock! LokkLatch® Magnetic is the world’s first gate lock designed specially for gates that provides typically only found on door locks, eliminating the needs to use inappropriate locks designed for internal use. The new chrome-look and brushed stainless-look finishes can be matched to the fence and other hardware … without corrosion.

The world’s best self-closing gate hinges just got even better: now 40% stronger and with trim covers to hide fasteners. Top-selling TruClose® safety gate hinges have long been the most reliable self-closing hinges on the market. The new ‘Series 3’ range offers a unique, custom approach to gate hardware by introducing trim covers to match the gate lock or latch, while concealing all fasteners.