Company: Bestwood™

The Bestwood™ brand represents a range of interior decorative products manufactured  by Carter Holt Harvey™ Woodproducts including Bestwood Melamine, Natural Wood Veneer, Recon Veneer, Vinyl, Foil, Bestwood Ply and the latest addition Siena Wood veneer.

In addition, CHH Woodproducts manufacturers an extensive range of building and construction products including Kopine™ Particleboard panels, and represents other manufacturers’ products including Customwood™ MDF. These products complement  each other to offer a complete bundle of environmentally sustainable interior decorative products, to suit any project.

We aim to provide you with colours and finishes which will ensure inspirational and sustainable designs.

Bestwood™ Melamine is contemporary design at its best. The sophisticated range of colours, textures and wood grains delivers an authentic appeal with a variety of creative surface finishes available to enhance any residential or commercial project.

Bestwood™ Natural Wood Veneer offers a vast array of creative panel options to create a unique natural look in any project. The intricate grain, rich colours, warmth, beauty and individuality of natural wood veneer, is unsurpassed by any other natural material.

Bestwood™ Siena Wood Veneer. Sourced in Italy – Inspired by New Zealand,  Siena provides a modern day solution for creating memorable designs that respect the natural world it seeks to recreate.