Company: Colt Products and Systems

Colt Coolstream is a natural cooling system which employs the principle of adiabatic evaporation. Evaporative cooling is an efficient and effective alternative to conventional air conditioning. This is particularly so in storage, production facilities or gymnasiums where these buildings are too large for air conditioning to be cost-effective. It is safe and eco-friendly, supplying 100% fresh air and thereby maintains air quality. It is well suited to industries such as plastics, metal or food and for installation into warehouses, restaurants, exhibition centres and gymnasiums.

Evaporative cooling is 4 to 7 times more economical than conventional systems and is a much lower investment. Heat is forced from the building, through natural ventilators, and is replaced by cool 100% fresh air. You pay only for the operation of a supply fan and water as the cooling process is free and so is the heat extraction.

Colt Coolstream has been extensively tested and certified hygienically in accordance with VDI 6022 and EN 13779 and comes with its own central remote control which manages the entire installation. This ability to function automatically throughout the year and employ various control modes for not only summer but winter, spring and autumn sets it apart from anything before.

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