Company: Light Industry

The latest release of LED recess lights by Technopix encompasses a highly efficient reflector system reducing light glare by up to 90% allowing a more comfortable use of the room, while maintaining one of the widest spreads of light enabling less fittings to light an area.

A COB LED and driver supplied by PHILIPS built into the fitting, rather than having a separate driver, makes installation easier and quicker, and gives the assurance of superior quality in manufacture and design.

A certified CA80 rating enables ceiling insulation to be packed around the fitting. The enclosed LED and reflector system safely prevents heat loss through the fitting, and the exposed cooling system in the roof space enables the longest life possible for the LED chip.

The LED can be supplied in warm white (3000k) or white (5000k) with an 11 watt 800 lumen output, making it a very efficient light source. The range is available in four hole cut-out sizes.

The Technopix recess lights have a smooth dimming curve using either a conventional dimmer, or with a C-bus automation system, making it the best solution for new and existing installations