Company: Kiwivac Central Vacuum Systems Ltd

Kiwivac Central Vacuum Systems Ltd is the leading specialist for NZ made Central vacuum systems in the country, offering a complete range of solutions to all sectors in the market, no matter what size the home. We provide a complete home cleaning solution; from a suitable power unit with plenty of suction, to floor tools and accessories for all your cleaning needs. We will never under specify to get the job; we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and provide you with the cleanliest, quickest and easiest emptying systems available.

Choose between the Kiwivac Bagged or Bag-less powder coated systems and sleek sophisticated AVT design with a Stainless Steel Shroud.

Kiwivac is used by renowned architects, building companies and builders around the country to install a Central Vac system. With our systems designed and made locally we cater for the NZ market, using only the best materials available. Our tools and accessories are the best quality products available on the market, to give you peace of mind over durability and longevity.

Every family and home will benefit from having a Kiwivac Central Vacuum – by providing a more powerful, deeper clean of your carpets and furnishings there are less allergens and dust to affect your families health. Also all the vacuumed air is removed from the living areas, taking all the dust, dirt and allergens away from your living area giving you a cleaner home.