Company: Marmox New Zealand

In these energy-conscious times, people are looking for home heating that’s highly efficient as well as comfortable to live with.

Undertile and undercarpet heating are popular choices, but a significant amount of heat can be absorbed by the floor below. The good news is that Marmox Insulation Boards allow you to create an underfloor system that directs the heat upwards into the room. Laid on top of existing boards or new floors before tiling and carpet laying, they provide an ideal base for cost-effective underfloor heating.

By laying Marmox between the concrete slab or wooden flooring and the heating system, you ensure energy is directed upwards instead of being dispersed through the concrete slab or floorboards. When used with a quality timer/thermostat, Marmox makes undertile/undercarpet heating more efficient – you’ll notice the difference in the power bills.


  • Acts as a thermal barrier and significantly reduces heat loss to the substrate.
  • Easy to work with and install into new and existing building projects.
    • 1374037031_Tick   over concrete using a flexible tile adhesive, similar to installing large tiles.
    • 1374037031_Tick   over timber with glue and screw gun
  • Removes the need for tile and slate underlay, provided the sub-floor is structurally sound and flat.
  • Completely waterproof and will not absorb moisture, making it ideal for bathrooms and wetrooms.
  • Available in 6mm, 10mm and 20mm.