Company: Floorculture

Floorculture rubber flooring ensures that the words ‘sustainability’ and ‘environmentally friendly’ are a reality in your flooring choice, while not sacrificing any performance or maintenance advantages you would expect from a commercial floor covering.

By using eco-compatible production procedures, high quality raw materials, a high percentage of recycled material and being free of PVC, plasticizers and heavy metals, Floorculture rubber floorings are the smart choice when thinking green.

Rubber flooring was once relegated to general utilitarian duties. Available mostly in plain greys and black, it was hidden in back stairways, hallways and utility rooms. Its durability and performance are exceptional, but it just wasn’t ‘pretty’ enough for the public areas of commercial buildings.

Much has changed in the last decade. Manufacturers have introduced smoother profiles in fashionable colours and designs that coordinate with other interior materials and finishes — and rubber flooring’s acceptance has grown exponentially, particularly in critical applications like health care and education, but also in many other high-use commercial environments.

Rubber flooring has gained popularity because its attractive designs and patterns are compatible with today’s architectural trends without sacrificing performance, sustainability or cost. More importantly, rubber flooring is durable, contributes to improved indoor air quality (IAQ) and is environmentally friendly.

Floorculture proudly represents in New Zealand the Indelval and Capri ranges of rubber flooring, which are just part of its range of innovative commercial flooring solutions.