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AceDoors Innovative Fire Solutions

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Company: AceDoor Systems

Acedoors are leading the way in providing high quality fire & smoke curtain, fire-rated roller shutter and sliding fire door products to the New Zealand market.

FirerollTM is available in either a 1 hour or 4 hour automatic fire curtain. A single curtain can be up to 6 metres long with overlapping curtains used to protect larger areas. The 4 hour curtain is commonly used where a longer period of protection is required eg: lift shafts.

FirerollTM smoke curtains create a barrier against the spread of smoke and can be either static or automatically deployed when a fire is detected. They are commonly used in shopping centres, universities, hospitals and airports and are positioned to push smoke to a ventilation system.

ZigzagTM fire and smoke curtains have a fire integrity of 85 minutes and enable a fire curtain to weave its way around obstacles. This feature is ideally suited around escalators in high public use areas.

FirecoilTM 4 hour fire rated doors are used for facilities that require a listed fire shutter door in a fire rated wall. They are supplied with fusible links that automatically release to close the door at 165oc. The descent can also be triggered by smoke and heat detectors, a fire alarm system or solid state release devices.

FiresliderTM 2 hour or 4 hour sliding fire doors are a 75mm thick insulated panel door faced with either 1.0mm zinc anneal sheet or 4mm fire retardant treated plywood. Automatic closing of the fire door under fire conditions can be initiated by either fusible links or an electromagnetic hold open device.

Read more at or contact Brent Lay on 09-273-4970 or 021-209-7382 email




Introducing Flex Zolatone Coating – the latest addition to Zone Architectural Products range


Company: Zone Architectural Products

Today’s modern facilities seldom have the luxury of a day off. Healthcare and other busy environments can’t shut down to accommodate updates and maintenance. Interiors like these demand a great looking finish that’s easy to apply and maintain.

Flex rolls on like ordinary paint, but it’s far from ordinary. Flex creates a unique and natural blend of colours with unbeatable hide to conceal the imperfections that naturally occur on walls in high traffic areas, to keep them looking better, longer.

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Craftstone are experts in stone veneers


Company: Craftstone

It is a great feeling to own a property that looks its best. When you own a home it is a good idea to give it a makeover every so often. That way it is more likely to retain its value and keep it looking modern. Stone veneers are a great product to use when building or renovating.

Craftstone are experts in stone veneers. Our products & installation system are BRANZ Appraised, available nationwide, & are perfect to use for renovations because they can be applied over the top of existing surfaces. We have completed thousands of projects for residential and commercial customers with stunning results.

Schist Clad or Feature Schist are real stone modular panels. This makes it much quicker & more cost effective to install stone if you have large areas to cover. It’s perfect for covering walls or fences. We do however strongly recommend that you use a trained installer for building envelope applications.

Stone cladding is a wonderful, innovative and creative product that you can use in a variety of ways throughout any property. Use it as a landscaping product, or as a fireplace surround. Build a letter box or cover pillars. The options are endless.

If you’d like to know more about stone veneer, or about our business, then please feel free to give us a call. With over 20 years experience in the industry we know what we’re doing. Our professional and friendly staff have the expertise to answer any questions or queries you may have.




Why choose steel stud?


Company: Potter Interior Systems

There are a number of reasons to choose steel over timber studs for your next design. Steel stud won’t warp, twist or bow, making it the ideal choice for smoothly-finished, monolithic wall planes. It is fire-resistant, impervious to rot, fungal and insect attacks, corrosion-resistant, and is easily worked with fewer tools.

USG Steel Stud and Track systems (available from Potter Interior Systems) are manufactured in New Zealand using New Zealand steel. They come in a variety of industry-standard depths, lengths and gauges to suit the majority of interior partition system requirements, and their knurled stud faces assist screwfixing by preventing slippage and damage to the board.

25mm diameter coined service holes are cut from the stud to allow services to transfer through them. These are typically cut at industry-standard heights (300mm, 1000mm, 2000mm and 2500mm), but they can be placed at custom heights to facilitate custom uses. For example, Potters supplied steel stud to a project at Auckland Hospital that required custom service hole heights for gaslines.


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Express yourself with Colour – HPM Linea range of colourful, low profile switches and powerpoints


Company: HPM Legrand

The easily changeable Linea Colours range of electrical accessories from HPM presents a simple way to add pops of colour to any room in the home. Linea Colours offers styling flexibility, with a wide range of colours and finishes to match the style and personality of any interior.

When advising on styling and accessory selection, the Linea Colour Selector App is a convenient and easy way to help match electrical accessories with a clients’ home. Using this tool, it’s easy to plan a new build or renovation. Test all the colour and design combinations of the HPM Linea Colours range so you know exactly what your client is looking for. Also, by taking photos of walls, bench tops, splashbacks and tiles through the application, and then placing their light switch selection against the surfaces, clients can virtually try the product before they buy. Click Here to be taken to the Linea App in the iTunes App store.

Consisting of a simple grid and cover plate, Linea Colours encompasses all the switch plates needed for the home including power points, dimmer and fan control, as well as TV, phone and data outlets. Offering a multitude of options and colours, the range includes base colours of black, white and cream as well as three unique collections: Soft-Touch Bright, Soft-Touch Earth and Metallic.

With a sleek 4mm profile, Linea cover plates blend easily with surface areas for a seamless finish. Standard mounting is used so replacing old switches and power points is quick and easy. Switches are available in both horizontal and vertical plate formats from one to six gang with architrave switches available in one or two gang. Power points are available in five configurations; single and double power points with switches, double auto switches, double extra-safe (ES) power points with switches and double ES switches. These power points are exceptionally safe with the ES version featuring unique rotating covers that remain closed when the outlets are not in use.

Dimmers are available with a traditional knob or push-button style. The sleek push-button dimmers enable the user to control up to six lighting circuits on a standard six gang plate. TV outlets are available in Coax and F type while phone and data outlets are available in Cat 3, Cat 5e and Cat 6.

With six vivid colours the Soft-Touch Bright range can add a splash of colour and transform any room. Cover plates are available in bubblegum pink, sunshine yellow, orange crush, cheeky boy blue, saucy red and a majestic purple abracadabra. In contrast, the Soft-Touch Earth range is influenced by subtle, natural tones that complement neutral interiors. Matt silver, gunmetal and asphalt make up the Metallic range.

Click Here to visit the Linea Colours website.




Marley Magnum Sentenced To Life At Wiri Prison


Company: Marley

Earlier this year, Fletcher Building announced that its subsidiary, SecureFuture consortium, has been awarded the contract to design, finance, build, operate and maintain a new public private partnership (PPP) prison in Wiri, South Auckland.

The new 960 bed men’s facility is needed to meet growing demand for prisoner accommodation in Auckland.

“The design for the prison draws on international research and expertise to ensure its construction complements a world-class approach to reducing reoffending in safe, secure and decent settings” said Serco Managing Director Paul Mahoney.

With this in mind, HW Coyles Ltd installed Marley’s rugged half-round Magnum spouting and downpipe system providing the perfect innovative solution, combining style with durability and performance.

Magnum is a large capacity rugged half round uPVC spouting system and is ideally suited for large roof areas in residential, commercial and rural applications. Magnum comes in grey with external brackets for ease of cleaning and a 100mm downpipe.

Magnum has a large cross section, is a complete PVC system and possesses the ideal characteristics for such a job:

  • Commercial size: Magnum’s dimensions could cope with peak water flow;
  • Maintenance free: PVC is extremely resilient and durable; no need to paint; would not rust out where debris settled;
  • Practical profile: Aesthetically appealing, no sharp corners to catch debris;
  • Easy installation: Full range of  modular components  minimises onsite cuttings

The specification of the durable Marley Magnum® spouting and downpipe range reflects the overarching desire to create a lasting legacy for the community. The Wiri project’s ground-breaking approach was recently highly commended at the International Public/Private Partnership awards in London. The judges recognised the project as “a pathfinder not just for the justice sector but for the country as a whole”.

Construction is estimated to take about 2½ years, with completion due in mid-2015.


Marley’s Magnum® spouting and downpipe range latest specification emphasis Marley’s reliability and innovation.


Expona LVT Design Flooring by Polyflor


Company: Polyflor

The eye looks for guidance.  It focuses on what is new and recognises what is familiar – at home, on the go, at work in the office, or when out shopping.  We immediately notice what is around us. We are scarcely aware of the role played by our visual sense when we look at flooring.  Flooring can emphasise what is being expressed by the architecture and colour scheme.

Presenting the new Expona Design Luxury Vinyl Tile and Plank flooring.  Expona Design flooring features a high quality, cross-linked polyurethane reinforcement, UV cured to provide superior cleaning benefits and life cycle maintenance savings.  It is suitable for all high traffic commercial areas including retail and office interiors.

Expona Design flooring is produced using phthalate-free and bio-based plasticisers. Ecospecifier Green Tag™ Silver Certified, Expona Design achieves points in the New Zealand Green Building Council Green Star and Home Star Rating Tools. 100% recyclable, Expona Design can be recycled through the Recofloor Vinyl Take-Back Scheme.

View the brand new colour range at under product category Luxury Vinyl Tiles and let your creativity have free rein.



Reduce your energy bills with Thermagenius

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Company: LEAP Australasia

If solar water heating is a concept of interest to you and your clients but there are issues with low sun or shading of the house, then consider Heat Pump Water Heating as a smart alternative.

A Thermagenius Heat Pump Water Heating System uses 100% renewable air power as its primary energy source. It is not dependent on sun hours and operates throughout the year to reduce household energy bills by up to 60%. These units generally use one third to a quarter of the electricity of standard electrical hot water elements.

This unit will not only reduce traditional energy costs but it is utilising renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Thermagenius can be easily connected to existing underfloor heating or other home hydronic heating systems. Selected units also come with an inbuilt hot water cylinder, saving you extra space.

Unobtrusive, easy to install and cheap to run, a Thermagenius Heat Pump Water Heater by LEAP is a smart way to provide hot water for the home.

For more information visit

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Eldorado Stone


Company: Hard as Rocks

Hard as Rocks Ltd is proud to be New Zealands exclusive supplier of Eldorado Stone the most realistic architectural man made stone available on the market today.

Whether it be a Rustic Chimney, a contemporary feature wall, a grand English manor or even the entry pillars of your gateway, Hard as Rocks can provide a product to give you the look and feel of real stone without the weight and cost associated with the real thing.

Hard as Rocks has nationwide franchised distributors and maintains building code compliance and quality control by only using its own licensed applicators who are trained in not only waterproofing and stone application but also in detailing and the little extras that hold true to eye to guarantee a professional finish.

Hard as Rocks is the only BRANZ appraised Installation system for man made stone veneer in New Zealand using a system over timber framing using 20mm cavity battens and BGC Fibre cement board. It is also its lightweight characteristic that allows Eldorado stone to be laid without footings or expensive steel lintels. This is a very simple way for architects and home owners to get the look of stone without the associated costs and also allows the architectural versatility of using veneer in unique ways, inside and outside, above rooflines, around fireplaces and pillars, up curved stair wells and even upside down. Eldorado stone can also be applied over concrete blocks or some brick installations and in some instances can also be applied over some existing claddings for a renovation or feature wall addition.

Eldorado Stone has been around since 1969 and is the World biggest selling stone veneer. Architects and home owners world wide specify Eldorado Stone with confidence as the product has truly stood the test of time.

For more information: 0800ELDORADO (353 672),,



It’s a match – with Resene ColourMatch Online


Company: Resene

Got a great electronic swatch of a colour or a photo with a colour you’d like to recreate but you have no idea of the original colour? With Resene ColourMatch online, you can match your colour to a Resene colour and search to find other similar colours, complementary colours and more. Simply type or copy in the URL of the image you wish to match or upload your image from your computer. Then click on the part of the image you’d like matched and the Resene ColourMatch online programme will quickly find you a suggested Resene colour match.  You can then search for other similar colours and complementary colours using the Resene Find-A-Colour tool.

Resene ColourMatch Online is a very quick and handy way to identify Resene colours close to your image or swatch. This new Resene ColourMatch service can be used free on the Resene website, no download necessary. See to try it out for yourself.