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Company: LEAP Australasia

If solar water heating is a concept of interest to you and your clients but there are issues with low sun or shading of the house, then consider Heat Pump Water Heating as a smart alternative.

A Thermagenius Heat Pump Water Heating System uses 100% renewable air power as its primary energy source. It is not dependent on sun hours and operates throughout the year to reduce household energy bills by up to 60%. These units generally use one third to a quarter of the electricity of standard electrical hot water elements.

This unit will not only reduce traditional energy costs but it is utilising renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Thermagenius can be easily connected to existing underfloor heating or other home hydronic heating systems. Selected units also come with an inbuilt hot water cylinder, saving you extra space.

Unobtrusive, easy to install and cheap to run, a Thermagenius Heat Pump Water Heater by LEAP is a smart way to provide hot water for the home.

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