Company: Marley

Earlier this year, Fletcher Building announced that its subsidiary, SecureFuture consortium, has been awarded the contract to design, finance, build, operate and maintain a new public private partnership (PPP) prison in Wiri, South Auckland.

The new 960 bed men’s facility is needed to meet growing demand for prisoner accommodation in Auckland.

“The design for the prison draws on international research and expertise to ensure its construction complements a world-class approach to reducing reoffending in safe, secure and decent settings” said Serco Managing Director Paul Mahoney.

With this in mind, HW Coyles Ltd installed Marley’s rugged half-round Magnum spouting and downpipe system providing the perfect innovative solution, combining style with durability and performance.

Magnum is a large capacity rugged half round uPVC spouting system and is ideally suited for large roof areas in residential, commercial and rural applications. Magnum comes in grey with external brackets for ease of cleaning and a 100mm downpipe.

Magnum has a large cross section, is a complete PVC system and possesses the ideal characteristics for such a job:

  • Commercial size: Magnum’s dimensions could cope with peak water flow;
  • Maintenance free: PVC is extremely resilient and durable; no need to paint; would not rust out where debris settled;
  • Practical profile: Aesthetically appealing, no sharp corners to catch debris;
  • Easy installation: Full range of  modular components  minimises onsite cuttings

The specification of the durable Marley Magnum® spouting and downpipe range reflects the overarching desire to create a lasting legacy for the community. The Wiri project’s ground-breaking approach was recently highly commended at the International Public/Private Partnership awards in London. The judges recognised the project as “a pathfinder not just for the justice sector but for the country as a whole”.

Construction is estimated to take about 2½ years, with completion due in mid-2015.


Marley’s Magnum® spouting and downpipe range latest specification emphasis Marley’s reliability and innovation.