Why choose steel stud?


Company: Potter Interior Systems

There are a number of reasons to choose steel over timber studs for your next design. Steel stud won’t warp, twist or bow, making it the ideal choice for smoothly-finished, monolithic wall planes. It is fire-resistant, impervious to rot, fungal and insect attacks, corrosion-resistant, and is easily worked with fewer tools.

USG Steel Stud and Track systems (available from Potter Interior Systems) are manufactured in New Zealand using New Zealand steel. They come in a variety of industry-standard depths, lengths and gauges to suit the majority of interior partition system requirements, and their knurled stud faces assist screwfixing by preventing slippage and damage to the board.

25mm diameter coined service holes are cut from the stud to allow services to transfer through them. These are typically cut at industry-standard heights (300mm, 1000mm, 2000mm and 2500mm), but they can be placed at custom heights to facilitate custom uses. For example, Potters supplied steel stud to a project at Auckland Hospital that required custom service hole heights for gaslines.


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