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Company: AceDoor Systems

Acedoors are leading the way in providing high quality fire & smoke curtain, fire-rated roller shutter and sliding fire door products to the New Zealand market.

FirerollTM is available in either a 1 hour or 4 hour automatic fire curtain. A single curtain can be up to 6 metres long with overlapping curtains used to protect larger areas. The 4 hour curtain is commonly used where a longer period of protection is required eg: lift shafts.

FirerollTM smoke curtains create a barrier against the spread of smoke and can be either static or automatically deployed when a fire is detected. They are commonly used in shopping centres, universities, hospitals and airports and are positioned to push smoke to a ventilation system.

ZigzagTM fire and smoke curtains have a fire integrity of 85 minutes and enable a fire curtain to weave its way around obstacles. This feature is ideally suited around escalators in high public use areas.

FirecoilTM 4 hour fire rated doors are used for facilities that require a listed fire shutter door in a fire rated wall. They are supplied with fusible links that automatically release to close the door at 165oc. The descent can also be triggered by smoke and heat detectors, a fire alarm system or solid state release devices.

FiresliderTM 2 hour or 4 hour sliding fire doors are a 75mm thick insulated panel door faced with either 1.0mm zinc anneal sheet or 4mm fire retardant treated plywood. Automatic closing of the fire door under fire conditions can be initiated by either fusible links or an electromagnetic hold open device.

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