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A full circle approach to wet area membrane solutions


Company: Bostik

Bostik New Zealand has been supplying the construction and industrial sectors with innovative, high quality adhesives, sealants and membranes for over 50 years with factories based in Auckland and Lower Hutt. We are also truly an international company with worldwide affiliates and globally recognised branding. Bostik is here to stay!

Bostik encompasses many market leading and iconic brands, such as Wallboard Gold, Blu Tack and Simson as well as ASA our under tile adhesive and waterproofing membrane range.

Bostik are market leaders in Low VOC and therefore GreenStar compliant products. With a full range of sealants and adhesives independently tested by CETEC. We have the solutions for GreenStar Builds or for clients who just want to minimise the environmental impact of their project.

Via ASA Bostik provide a 15 point accredited CPD presentation for NZIA members also appraised by other industry organisations ADNZ, LBP & BOINZ. The presentation is on internal wet area design, detailing and specification, focusing on the requirements of E3/AS1 ASA also train and licence waterproofing applicators ensuring a full circle approach to wet area membrane solutions.

For specification assistance or to register for a CPD presentation please contact Matthew Welch 021 278 1229 or


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Contemporary aesthetic, premium features, affordable residential solution

Plumber Rd House Deck Freefold Bifold small

Company: Aluminium Systems

You now have the flexibility to deliver a consistent contemporary flat aesthetic across the entire home regardless of the performance required, with the updated Residential Series from Aluminium System’s Fairview and Elite brands.

For larger spaces or feature units, the Residential Series blends perfectly with the high performing Architectural or Evolution ranges, creating a seamless look in the home. So you now have a flexible, yet cost-effective solution that delivers a matching aesthetic from the most demanding high performance requirements of a large feature door or picture window, right through to the simplest joinery unit.

Ideal applications

Two versatile ranges are available in this updated Residential Series:

Flat 19mm

  1. Multi-platform solution
  2. 24mm IGU capacity

Ideal for:

  • Architectural homes
  • Coastal environments
  • Mid-high end homes

Flat 25mm

  1. Cost-effective solution
  2. 20mm IGU capacity

 Ideal for:

  • Renovation projects
  • Low cost housing
  • Transportables and outbuildings

Designed to meet New Zealand standards the Residential Series provides a clean and contemporary profile with either traditional, liner fixing options or unique concealed fixing system.

For more information about the new Residential Series contact our dedicated Architect support team at

FWS TAN House Westmere (4) small

Projects show indicative application of Residential Series aesthetic, combined with other Fairview and Elite product ranges for high performing openings.


Product = FREE II lift flap mechanism


Company: Hafele

Motion Redefined

The FREE II Flap Fitting from Häfele is easy to open, silent and smooth to operate. It offers sophisticated design and allows the kitchen user to utilise high wall cupboard storage space.

The FREE II is a new generation of hinge-less flap stay fittings; FREE II offers fast installation, extremely convenient adjustment and maximum operating comfort. Even large flaps can be opened effortlessly and lock in any position (MPS – Multi Position Stop) with a smooth and soft-closing action.

FREE II is available in two versions – 1.7 and 3.15, both with opening angles of 90° or 107°.


  • Extremely fast installation
  • Extremely convenient adjustment
  • Clip-on front panel
  • Full 3D adjustment
  • Same drilling pattern for both versions
  • Flap heights from 250mm to 600mm
  • Panel weight up to over 20kg (height dependant)
  • Two opening angles

Switch on to Colour with Vynco-Fusion

FUSION Apples for Productspec

Company: Vynco Fusion

The Vynco engineering team has worked closely with local interior designers, architects and electrical contractors to develop Vynco-Fusion – an innovative range of switches and sockets that combines engineering excellence with architectural styling. Designers and architects can now choose to specify this stylish, slimline range of switchgear to complement the colour and styling of a room – for a cost that is similar to some standard, older wall fittings.

Vynco-Fusion cover plates can be painted to match any Resene colour, to complement your splashback or wall colour. Plates can then be clipped off and replaced as colour schemes change, helping to future-proof your project. An additional film is moulded into the cover plate, which provides resistance against scratches and chemicals.

Vynco-Fusion has been designed, engineered and tested in NZ, to NZ/Australian standards. Vynco-Fusion products fit to any standard flush box and are retrofittable in most homes. All products in the Vynco-Fusion range come with a 5 year warranty.

Fusion colours 2


Structural dome concrete slab system


Company: Cupolex Building Systems

CUPOLEX® is the environmentally friendly, cost effective alternative to a Rib Raft, Waffle Pod or slab on grade concrete foundation and is ideally suited to Residential, Commercial and Industrial buildings. Not only as an efficient fill or void former replacement, but also for moisture and vapour mitigation and water retention, detention.

CUPOLEX® is a patented forming system for concrete slab foundations made from 100% recycled plastic. Concrete is poured over the modular dome forms to create a floating or structural concrete slab. The below slab void that results, minimizes concrete contact with the soil, while providing a capillary barrier against moisture – yet uses less concrete and rebar than a standard slab with equivalent load bearing capacity. Labour, and therefore time, savings for the installation are achieved though a simple methodology, along with freight cost savings, as 200m² of floor area in Cupolex components is delivered to site on two pallets.

CUPOLEX® forms are manufactured in different heights and can be adapted to any slab requirements and geometry.

With over 5 million square metres of CUPOLEX® laid in concrete slabs and foundations throughout Europe the Americas and Australasia, CUPOLEX® is tried and tested.

3 x component photo


Quality solution-dyed nylons from Cavalier Bremworth

6512_87_Textone_ins MR

Company: Cavalier Bremworth

Cavalier Bremworth has recently introduced a range of super soft solution-dyed nylon carpets under the brand name Habitat Collection – available at selected carpet retailers nationwide. The carpets are specially designed to resist fading with the colour built in for lasting protection against UV rays. They also have great stain resistance against most common household food and beverages with the fibres engineered to repel stains, making spills easier to clean. And being made here in New Zealand by Cavalier Bremworth, you can be sure they are made to the highest quality using premium solution-dyed nylon yarn.

As a bonus, you could go into a draw to win $5000 worth of Habitat Collection carpet (or any Cavalier Bremworth carpet) simply by registering online at The deadline for entry is 30 September. While you’re online, you can also visit Cavalier Bremworth’s fun new 3D floor designer tool called The Studio Floor. Have fun experimenting with different carpet choices and change out the wall colours using a palette of Resene colours to see what looks you can create.

Cavalier Bremworth has been the trusted name in carpet for New Zealanders for well over 50 years.

To find your nearest retailer, please visit

Studio floor screen grab lounge 2


Water Saving Product

ProductSpec Newsletter_Sep 2013_Best Design Oxijet

Company: Felton Industries

The Oxijet™ stemmed from a very simple, yet growing need; to preserve and save our most valuable resource-water. The Oxijet™ reduces water consumption in the shower by up to 50% on mains pressure, yet still gives that “full shower “feel. The Oxijet™ will fit onto most non-water saving showerheads providing the luxury of a quality water saving shower at an affordable price.

The Oxijet™ utilises the Venturi effect, and works by jetting the water through four tiny nozzles, sucking air into the stem of the showerhead. The air volumises and pressurises the water, creating tiny air bubbles within the water stream that burst when they touch the user’s skin.

The Oxijet™ has been designed to be used in mains pressure systems to save water, while preserving a “full shower” feel. Homes with equal low or unequal pressures may not benefit as much from water saving products as they aleready have low flows. The product is not intended for multi-function handpieces showerheads where there is built-in restriction that cannot be removed.

ProductSpec Newsletter_Sep 2013_Oxijet Instructions


New product COLORSTEEL® Bounce™




What comes down must go up!

New Zealand Steel has expanded its COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel range with a high performing solar reflectance product.

Developed specifically for commercial and industrial buildings, COLORSTEEL® Bounce™ has been optimised to provide a nominal solar reflectance of 77%.

  • 10% higher solar reflectance than COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel in Foam
  • Brightest white colour in the COLORSTEEL® palette
  • Can help reduce the annual cooling energy costs of a building

For more information please contact Christine Wilkinson, or phone 0800 100 523.

For a cooler building it pays to start at the top


One very cool colour

COLORSTEEL® Bounce™ prepainted steel is a bright white colour that has been developed to deliver optimised solar reflectance with environmental benefits and positive financial impact.

The nominal solar reflectance is 77%.

What is Bounce™ technology?

In summer, the technology in COLORSTEEL® Bounce™ paint works to reflect the sun’s heat allowing both your roof and the environment inside your building to stay cooler on hot days. It performs like extra insulation, making it easier for air conditioning to keep buildings cool.

How does Bounce™ technology work?

Bounce™ is a technology that combines a unique paint primer and top coat system that optimises the thermal performance of buildings by increasing the amount of solar heat that is reflected by your roof. An increase in solar reflectance means that on hot summer days your roof is cooler and less heat is transferred into your building.

Helps your roof last longer

COLORSTEEL® Bounce™ absorbs less heat on hot days, working to protect your roof and its supporting structure from temperature extremes. Lower thermal stresses can help your roof to last longer.

Help reduce the impact of Urban Heat Islands

A COLORSTEEL® Bounce™ roof may help mitigate the impact of Urban Heat Islands (metropolitan areas that are warmer due to human activities).

Elevated temperatures from Urban Heat Islands, particularly during summer, can affect a community’s environment and quality of life. According to the USA EPA, impacts include increased energy consumption, elevated emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases, and impaired water quality.

A COLORSTEEL® Bounce™ roof reflects sunlight away from the roof and because the temperature indoors is lower, less cooling energy is consumed.

Warranty, environmental categories and maintenance requirements

COLORSTEEL® Bounce™ is suitable for roofing applications only.

For more information about warranty and maintenance requirements, please refer to the COLORSTEEL® Endura® recommendations for roofing defined in the Environmental Categories brochure, or visit

Literature available now

A range of COLORSTEEL® Bounce™ marketing material has been developed to specifically suit the information needs of our architectural specifiers.

This includes a brochure (downloadable here) and painted steel samples. For hardcopy brochures and steel samples, please contact Christine Wilkinson,

Development of the new literature is ongoing so we’ll keep you informed as new documents and tools become available.

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Screen Shot 2013-09-09 at 10.23.15 AM

Company: Flashman

This new profile offers a unique “Positive – Negative detail”

Flashman has long lamented the widespread use of sealants to provide the prime means of weathertightness. Most negative detailed cladding systems rely completely on sealant. We consider this a highly risk prone practice given the history of failed sealant joints in this country.

The lack of PEF rods or other bond breakers placed behind sealant is contrary to manufacturers’ warranties because sealant cannot be held captive on 3 sides or the two front edges detach.

That is why we decided it was time to introduce a fully mechanical (metal) weathertight joint on our new VERTICAL DUALBORD CLADDING.

DUALBORD was tested to 232Kph at the BRANZ weathertightness booth so rates as suitable for use on Specific Engineered Designs.

The unique totally weathertight locking system removes any concerns about water ingress and the very strong 2mm thick cladding is 33% thicker and much stronger than any other aluminium cladding producing a flawless, strong, clean and smooth prefinished low maintenance cladding with multiple colour choices.

Best of all DUALBORD VERTICAL is installed only by our highly trained and experienced Distributor Installers so the finished job not only looks brilliant but is warranted to never leak.

DUALBOARD is not just about the weatherboard profile however. We have designed a COMPLETE CLADDING SYSTEM that offers high aesthetic appeal and unsurpassed weathertightness at every junction.


Flush mounting pop-up boxes


Company: HPM Legrand

The new range of flush mounting pop-up boxes from Legrand provides power, data or audio-video access solutions for commercial and residential applications. A simple alternative to power points, pop-up boxes can be installed in office desks and floors, kitchen islands and verandahs – providing greater flexibility to the office or home.

The new pop-up boxes feature an improved push and slide locking system. This delivers a slow, smooth opening action to prevent users from inadvertently activating the opening option. Safe and easy to use, Legrand pop-up boxes are available as four, six or eight modules – all compatible with Arteor.

Legrand pop-up boxes are available through electrical wholesalers or your Electrician.

Click Here to view the video.

Pop up box