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Company: InsulPro

Whether you’re insulating your home or office, effective insulation is extremely important in helping create a healthier, quieter, more energy efficient environment. InsulPro are a New Zealand owned and operated manufacturer of thermal and acoustic polyester insulation. However, InsulPro are more than manufacturers – they are creating better environments by taking recycled plastic bottles, destined for landfill waste and helping create healthier, warmer environments with high performance polyester insulation. In addition, InsulPro products that meet Environmental Choice certification contribute toward Green Star rating accreditations.

InsulPro products are highly durable, making it perfect for any commercial situation. Compliant with the New Zealand Building Code and NZS4246, InsulPro products don’t hold moisture, are non-toxic, made using non-irritant fibres, non-flammable, chemical free, vermin resistant and come with a 50 year warranty*.

Above all, they are safe and easy to install!

NOVAtherm and NOVAfloor are the thermal insulation product range suitable for ceilings, walls and floors.

NOVAhush is the acoustic insulation product range including blankets, panel absorber and bafflestack.

Quad 5 for Web

Learn more about the difference InsulPro insulation has made a difference in the Quad 5 building at Auckland Airport.

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*subject to correct installation and adequate protection.