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Company: Flashman

This new profile offers a unique “Positive – Negative detail”

Flashman has long lamented the widespread use of sealants to provide the prime means of weathertightness. Most negative detailed cladding systems rely completely on sealant. We consider this a highly risk prone practice given the history of failed sealant joints in this country.

The lack of PEF rods or other bond breakers placed behind sealant is contrary to manufacturers’ warranties because sealant cannot be held captive on 3 sides or the two front edges detach.

That is why we decided it was time to introduce a fully mechanical (metal) weathertight joint on our new VERTICAL DUALBORD CLADDING.

DUALBORD was tested to 232Kph at the BRANZ weathertightness booth so rates as suitable for use on Specific Engineered Designs.

The unique totally weathertight locking system removes any concerns about water ingress and the very strong 2mm thick cladding is 33% thicker and much stronger than any other aluminium cladding producing a flawless, strong, clean and smooth prefinished low maintenance cladding with multiple colour choices.

Best of all DUALBORD VERTICAL is installed only by our highly trained and experienced Distributor Installers so the finished job not only looks brilliant but is warranted to never leak.

DUALBOARD is not just about the weatherboard profile however. We have designed a COMPLETE CLADDING SYSTEM that offers high aesthetic appeal and unsurpassed weathertightness at every junction.

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