ProductSpec Newsletter_Sep 2013_Best Design Oxijet

Company: Felton Industries

The Oxijet™ stemmed from a very simple, yet growing need; to preserve and save our most valuable resource-water. The Oxijet™ reduces water consumption in the shower by up to 50% on mains pressure, yet still gives that “full shower “feel. The Oxijet™ will fit onto most non-water saving showerheads providing the luxury of a quality water saving shower at an affordable price.

The Oxijet™ utilises the Venturi effect, and works by jetting the water through four tiny nozzles, sucking air into the stem of the showerhead. The air volumises and pressurises the water, creating tiny air bubbles within the water stream that burst when they touch the user’s skin.

The Oxijet™ has been designed to be used in mains pressure systems to save water, while preserving a “full shower” feel. Homes with equal low or unequal pressures may not benefit as much from water saving products as they aleready have low flows. The product is not intended for multi-function handpieces showerheads where there is built-in restriction that cannot be removed.

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