Company: Cupolex Building Systems

CUPOLEX® is the environmentally friendly, cost effective alternative to a Rib Raft, Waffle Pod or slab on grade concrete foundation and is ideally suited to Residential, Commercial and Industrial buildings. Not only as an efficient fill or void former replacement, but also for moisture and vapour mitigation and water retention, detention.

CUPOLEX® is a patented forming system for concrete slab foundations made from 100% recycled plastic. Concrete is poured over the modular dome forms to create a floating or structural concrete slab. The below slab void that results, minimizes concrete contact with the soil, while providing a capillary barrier against moisture – yet uses less concrete and rebar than a standard slab with equivalent load bearing capacity. Labour, and therefore time, savings for the installation are achieved though a simple methodology, along with freight cost savings, as 200m² of floor area in Cupolex components is delivered to site on two pallets.

CUPOLEX® forms are manufactured in different heights and can be adapted to any slab requirements and geometry.

With over 5 million square metres of CUPOLEX® laid in concrete slabs and foundations throughout Europe the Americas and Australasia, CUPOLEX® is tried and tested.

3 x component photo