Product = FREE II lift flap mechanism


Company: Hafele

Motion Redefined

The FREE II Flap Fitting from Häfele is easy to open, silent and smooth to operate. It offers sophisticated design and allows the kitchen user to utilise high wall cupboard storage space.

The FREE II is a new generation of hinge-less flap stay fittings; FREE II offers fast installation, extremely convenient adjustment and maximum operating comfort. Even large flaps can be opened effortlessly and lock in any position (MPS – Multi Position Stop) with a smooth and soft-closing action.

FREE II is available in two versions – 1.7 and 3.15, both with opening angles of 90° or 107°.


  • Extremely fast installation
  • Extremely convenient adjustment
  • Clip-on front panel
  • Full 3D adjustment
  • Same drilling pattern for both versions
  • Flap heights from 250mm to 600mm
  • Panel weight up to over 20kg (height dependant)
  • Two opening angles

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