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SAFEGUARD R10, R11, R12 Slip Resistant Vinyl sheet flooring

AU_AFP_Safeguard_ Kitchen

Company: Floorspace

Safeguard slip resistant vinyl sheet flooring ranges offer durable, cost effective safety floors for most demanding environments.

  • Long Term Slip Resistance – embossed texture combined with silicon carbide in the surface and aluminium oxide and quartz throughout the homogeneous wear layer.
  • High quality PVC wear layer – excellent dent and gouge resistance.
  • Applications – hospitality, kitchens, food preparation, laundries, healthcare, education, retail and light industrial.




Meets or exceeds slip resistance properties recommended by Australian Standards.

  • AS/NZS 4586:2004 Slip resistance classification of new pedestrian surface materials
  • HB197:1999 An introductory guide to the slip resistance of pedestrian surface materials
  • R11 and R12 ranges are suitable for commercial kitchens.

Introducing ReTread – your latest choice in Entrance Matting from Advance Flooring


Company: Advance Flooring Company

Advance Flooring offers a comprehensive selection of entrance matting and critically these systems have been designed and made in New Zealand for our unique weather conditions. The need for water absorbency for interior mats is critical and many of Advance Flooring’s popular Entrance Matting systems CoralTread/ExtraTread/Shuttle and Axis utilise “Zeno Protect Excellence” infill’s; a highly absorbent polyamide fibre which ensures optimum performance.

The water trapping capability of this fibre leads us to a challenge when the mats are used in exterior or exposed locations – they trap moisture so successfully from the elements that on a fine day they can still be wet meaning people can then tracking unnecessary moisture inside – leading us to come up with a brand new solution for you – ReTread.

ReTread is an attractive aluminium strip mat that utilises an intense wear/non-absorbent Recycled Rubber infill strip that is 100% PVC free. ReTread has 3 colours for the infill strip and the aluminium can be powder coated or anodised to any colour to suit any design. ReTread can be used in all intense wear entrances such as hotels, airports, shopping malls and public buildings.

The right entrance matting not only provides a visual announcement as to what to expect from an establishment but contributes to the health and safety of employees and patrons and to a company’s bottom line.

Entrance mats are key to minimizing dangerous and potentially expensive slip and fall hazards. In addition, by preventing the transference of dirt and moisture deeper into the building, the right matting can protect an owner’s investment by ensuring floors inside the building remain in better condition, extending the life of tile and carpeted areas throughout the building, and reducing the need for costly floor care maintenance.

Size is another key element. People entering a building do not often stop and wipe their feet so it’s important that an entrance mat is long enough to ensure there are enough contacts between the entry matting and the soles of shoes to minimise the amount of dirt carried into the building. The New Zealand Building Code’s recommendation is that a mat should have a minimum dimension of 1.8m from front to back which allows for 2 contacts of each foot. Refer Acceptable Solution D1/AS1 Access Routes, Building Industry Authority.

Advance Flooring offer a free design service and full report on your entrance matting requirements detailing what will work best for you. Our products are available to view at or you can phone us Tollfree 0508 238 262


Nurajack, the Ultimate Decking Solution

2013-09-11 15.48.37

Company: Nuralite Waterproofing Ltd

Tile and timber deck surfaces should be removable to allow future access to the waterproofing membrane below. Floating the decking surface above a waterproofing membrane allows the membrane to shed water and to dry out, drastically reducing any potential waterproofing issues. Nurapads and Nurajacks provide the ultimate solution.

Starting from 12mm, Nurapads and Nurajacks are height adjustable and therefore allow the tiles or decking to be raised up to the floor level of the interior living space to create the desired indoor/outdoor flow. Nurajacks and Nurapads simply rest on top of the waterproofing membrane, there is no fixing required and the tiles or joists sit on the patented selflevelling head of the Nurajack. Adding an acoustic shim is a cost effective way to further enhance the acoustic reduction properties of the system.

Benefits of the Nurajack System

  • Meets council requirements for decking over membrane decks
  • Self-levelling heads – to create a level deck and indoor/outdoor aesthetic
  • Top adjustable heads – no lifting of tiles to adjust the jacks
  • Acoustic pads are available to minimise the noise transference to lower levels
  • European designed and manufactured to the highest standards in quality
  • 20 year guarantee when installed over a Nuralite membrane system

Nurajack with Adjustment Key

For a high performance, fully warranted system, specify Nuraply 3P or Nuratech waterproofing membranes with Nurajacks to support the tiles, pavers or decking. Nuralite offers a 20 year material performance warranty on all products installed as part of the complete system. See here for more details.

A complete set of details in .pdf, .dwg and .dxf formats, including installation videos and a quantity calculator along with further information is available at