Mainline – a track-based power system

Mainline spread 2-3 imagev2

Company: HPM Legrand

Mainline – a track-based power system – is a flexible, cost-effective and innovative way of delivering power anywhere. It’s a safe and simple busbar solution that once connected to a power supply creates a circuit around a room allowing access to power at any point along its length.

Once the Mainline track has been installed, 240V sockets can simply and safely be added, removed or repositioned as needed. It is the ideal solution for a wide range of commercial settings, including offices, kitchens, retail stores, education facilities, hospitals and health care centres as well as large scale residential projects. With a number of installation options available, including surface mount, in-trunking and in-wall, Mainline is the smarter, simpler and more efficient solution to deliver power right where it’s needed both now and in the future.

Mainline is available in either white or black which gives you more flexibility for any installation.

For further information please Click Here to visit the Mainline website. Mainline is available through electrical wholesalers or your Electrician.

Mainline is distributed by HPM Legrand.

Mainline front page HR

Mainline office shot

Mainline workshop

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