Company: Ecoplus Systems

Acoustic Plus sound absorbing cloud panels provide an effective and immediate solution for a busy Central Otago Café. 

Nichol’s Garden Cafe is one of Central Otago’s most popular stop-off points, offering locals and tourists award-winning dining amid beautiful, idyllic surroundings.

Design elements within the Cromwell cafe include: pitched timber ceilings, polished concrete floors, granite surfaces and substantial glazing. Unfortunately none of these materials provide sound absorption and when the cafe gets busy (and it usually is) the noise and reverberation is almost unbearable.

Sixteen sound absorbing cloud panels were installed into Nichols Garden Cafe. It only took four hours to complete and the results have been effective and immediate. The owners report a substantial reduction in noise reverberation and positive comments from customers and staff. They all agree the panels make quite a stunning design feature as well.

Acoustic Plus sound absorbing cloud panels are pre-finished and ready to install. Hardened and painted edges eliminate the need for unsightly framing and chrome-plated adjustable fixing kits make installation fast and easy. The panels can also be glue-fixed directly to the ceiling and can even be wrapped in selected fabric for decorative effect.

  • Quick and easy to install
  • Installation kits available
  • No framing required