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AlumaView Sectional Door Solutions

Alumaview Elim Sch Full

Company: Acedoor Systems

Acedoor Systems Ltd are the New Zealand agents for Raynor who are the second largest door manufacturer in USA. AlumaView sectional doors which are widely used throughout the USA and Canada, and have long been the standard fixture for facilities that require dependable, attractive doors that offer maximum visibility.


  • With an anodized finished extruded aluminum frame, AlumaView door sections are a full 50mm thick. Every AlumaView door is built for superior performance and includes the following features:
  • Clear- anodised door sections for maximum durability
  • Designed to withstand windloads up to 97.6 kgs/m
  • Rugged hardware and springs
  • Reduced energy costs with U-shaped vinyl bottom weatherseal
  • OPTIMA panels and glass completely encased in soft vinyl channels and held firmly in place with a rigid, snap-in retainer. This adds strength and security while reducing the chance of breakage
  • Door designs have been field tested with proven reliability over last 25 years


  • Schools and Education
  • Fire Station/Ambulance
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Motor Vehicle Dealerships
  • Car Wash/Corrosive Environments
  • Large Opening Size
  • Quick Lube Centres
  • Service Stations
  • Thermal Environments
  • Underground Parking
  • Warehouse/Manufacturing

Fire Station 2


6 Good Reasons to trust ZINCALUME® steel



When it comes to COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel, we don’t often mention the metallic coated steel substrate that’s kept COLORSTEEL® products performing for the last 20 years. When you chose COLORSTEEL® Endura® or COLORSTEEL® Maxx® roofing, cladding or rainwater products, you’re also getting the assurance of ZINCALUME® steel.

Here are 6 good reasons to trust ZINCALUME® steel:

  1. It is proven to perform in the real world
  2. It is proven to perform in the laboratory
  3. It is the only steel roofing substrate that is made in New Zealand
  4. It is specifically designed for roofing and cladding applications
  5. It is thick but smart
  6. It is at the leading edge of materials innovation

There is a team of more than 50 researchers in New Zealand and Australia focused on ZINCALUME® steel R&D to ensure it remains a global benchmark for resilience and superior real-world performance. These researchers have been testing and developing our next generation of ZINCALUME® steel for the past 17 years. That is why you can trust that ZINCALUME® steel will continue to be a global leader in roofing and cladding performance, innovation and resilience.

ZINCALUME® steel – it’s the steel substrate that’s helped make COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel New Zealand’s favorite roofing brand … by far.

If you would like to receive a ‘6 Good Reasons to trust ZINCALUME® steel’ flyer call 0800 100 523 or email


Extraordinary Cloud Panels from Asona


Company: Asona

Whimsical fantasy or a practical solution to acoustic control, while adding a dash of flair and good old fashion fun into the work place. This was the question that was answered by the architects CPRW for the ASB Lincoln Rd refurbishment. The architects chose Asona’s Triton Fabric Cloud Panels and customised the panels to playfully  imitate umbrellas, grapes and a fern frond. The final shapes were wrapped in fresh coloured and lustrous fabrics from Vivid Textiles & Laine Furnishing adding to the over-all effect while craftily controlling the room reverberation. Asona Fabric Cloud Panels are a proprietary edge wrapped 50mm thick high sound absorbing acoustical panel with either a Sonatex glass mat acoustic facing or can be fabric wrapped. Designed as a free floating acoustic ceiling panel or direct fixed ceiling panel it is ideal for busy commercial environments. Made in NZ, the Cloud Panels are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and decorative finishes to suit the wildest imagination.

For further info our in-house design team can work with your concepts and integrate the ceiling plan into your interior theme.

So please feel free to give us a call (09 5256575) or take a moment to look at Asona’s full range of products on our website: ,



We Make What’s Hard Easy

Concrete Hands WMWHE and Truck

Company: Allied Concrete

By developing a range of READY Solutions specification has been made easy.

Allied Concrete has built its reputation through its Technical expertise and operational excellence, over the past few years a range of concrete solutions have been developed to assist both the specifier and consumer in making their choices.

If it’s an Engineered Floor your are after Allied Concrete has READY Super Slab a raft slab that’s stiffer and stronger as well as the CodeMark Certificated solution READY Floor which is a steel reinforced concrete without the mesh. With significant savings in mesh costs and labour READY Floor is now easily consented with it’s CodeMark Certificate to support it.

With 54 Concrete Plants throughout New Zealand, Allied Concrete and its associated brands have excellent coverage and through this coverage they offer several decorative solutions including READY Exposed which offers Exposed aggregate mixes for different regions throughout the country.

READY Colour and READY Glow the ambient concrete the lights up your nights are available throughout New Zealand and are widely used as decorative concrete is used for driveways, patios, paths, pool surrounds and increasingly as internal polished floors.


New internal pre-finished panel


Company: James Hardie

ARChitectural™ Invibe™ panel is an internal pre-finished panel characterised by a lustrous coloured look. Invibe™ panel’s core DNA is durability, because it’s made from James Hardie® 6mm thick cement-composite substrate that’s coated using ChromaShield™ 200 series. Invibe™ panel offers a ‘double shield’ of durability in a vast range of commercial and residential interior wall applications in both wet and dry areas.

Product Specification

  • 2700 x 1200 x 6mm
  •  Finish gloss or satin
  • Application on commercial and residential interior wall in both wet and dry area

Features / benefits

  • Lustrous, coloured look in a satin or gloss finish – A carefully selected colour range** that delivers an ‘on trend’ palette to suit a variety of different aesthetics. Gloss and satin finishes used together extend design opportunities to create a multitude of wall patterns.
  • Design integrity – Design integrity is maintained over time due to a high level of performance. It’s resistant to fading, yellowing, peeling and flaking*. It also provides good resistance to abrasion, wear and light surface scratching.
  • Fire resistance Made from a non-combustible substrate and achieves the best possible fire hazard properties classification of ‘Group 1-S’ – assessed as per ISO 5660 cited in ‘Protection From Fire’ Clause C of the NZBC. This enables Invibe™ panel to be used in the broadest range of fire exit ways in commercial and residential building applications*.
  • Resistant to damage from moisture and steam Can be used in wet area applications, including enclosed shower areas. The ChromaShield™ 200 series coating provides a impervious surface barrier to moisture, and the James Hardie® cement-composite substrate is a homogenous material that is resistant to damage from moisture*.
  • Warranty 15 year product warranty.

For more information visit

* Key benefits apply when the product is installed and maintained correctly and to the extent set out in James Hardie’s published literature current at the time of installation.



Acoutics Flooring by Polyflor

Polyflor Acoustic Flooring 2

Company: Polyflor

Acoustics has fast become one of the primary focuses of architects, designers, builders and contractors for both residential and commercial interiors.

Polyflor acoustic vinyl floor coverings have been designed and developed to assist in improving the acoustic properties within residential, commercial and public locations as well as providing the additional benefits of aesthetics, performance, hygiene and durability.

Featuring a closed-cell foam backing, Polyflor Acoustix Forest fx and Acoustix Gallery fx provides an impact sound reduction level of at least 19dB. Acoustix Forest fx & Acoustix Gallery fx are ideal for residential and commercial areas where impact sound reduction is paramount including:

  • Aged-care, social housing and student accommodation. Specific locations include communal entrances and meeting areas, stairs, corridors and general living spaces.
  • Heavy commercial areas within education and healthcare facilities and general commercial public spaces. Specific areas include corridors, classrooms, reception and waiting areas, wards and general locations where impact sound reduction is a key requirement.

Polyflor’s Acoustic suite of products also includes Polysafe Wood fx Acoustix for areas where safety flooring is a requirement. Polysafe Wood fx Acoustix brings together the key attributes of safety, aesthetics and performance for complete piece of mind.

To find out more click here

Polyflor Acoustic Flooring (2)


Australian Made Quartz Surface material


Company: Gibson Veneer & Plywood

NaturaStone is a 6mm thick Australian Made Quartz Surface material combining the ease of handling and fabrication of a Laminate with the exceptional durability of a Quartz Engineered Stone…

NaturaStone Quartz Surface is 90% natural quartz combined with a high performance acrylic polymer for beautiful bench top surfaces. Manufactured using a propriety formulation and processing technique, NaturaStone slabs are also reinforced with a multi filament encapsulated glass mesh.

Diamond polished to a lustrous gloss finish NaturaStone slabs are solid non-porous and one piece, with exceptional scratch, stain,heat and impact resistance.

Although NaturaStone has a high hardness level of over 7.5 MOHS, NaturaStone is a flexible product resisting chipping and cracking.

NaturaStone is backed by a 12 year warranty and is manufactured in a wide range of beautiful colours to enhance any decor in any style.

With the increasing demand for quartz surfaces, the shortfalls of polyester based e-stone, opens the door for the state of the art next generation quartz surface, NaturaStone…it’s the new answer!

The unique technology of NaturaStone has not been matched by any quartz stone manufacturer anywhere in the world and with such a cost effective and user friendly fabrication process, it can be used in an infinite variety of Residential and Commercial projects.

For more information please contact:

Email: or phone: +64 9 838 3000 or web:


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Zero Energy Cooling

Zero Energy Cooling

Company: Colt Products & Systems

How do we cool large buildings for zero cost?

Cooling large buildings during the summer months doesn’t need to cost the earth:

Using the cooling power of water and converting the sun’s energy into electricity, it is possible to achieve zero energy cooling. No electricity bills and no impact on the environment. That is what our CoolStream evaporative cooling and ventilation system can do, and the hotter the sunshine, the better it works!

How does it work?

Natural Ventilation + Adiabatic Cooling + Solar Energy

CoolStream draws the warm air from the outside through a wetted medium, as the warm air goes through, the water in the wetted medium evaporates, energy is exchanged and the air temperature goes down. The warmer the outside air, the more efficient evaporative cooling is.

This system only needs a small quantity of electricity for the fan that circulates the air and this is where Colt’s latest innovation comes in. By combining CoolStream with any common photovoltaic scheme, the sun provides the electricity for the fan. Therefore we can now cool a large industrial building, in the hottest weather with 100% renewable energy use and zero C02 emissions!

Colt’s Natural ventilation systems will control your building’s environment and save you money by increasing productivity and reducing accidents.

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Armstrong Safeguard safety vinyl flooring range

AU_AFP_Safeguard_ Kitchen

Company: Floorspace

Floorspace is excited to re-launch the new improved Armstrong Safeguard safety vinyl flooring range; the total facility solution for more industrial/high traffic areas, with high levels of contamination such as oil, fat & grease e.g. Commercial Kitchens, Butchers, Bakeries. Now available ex-stock Auckland in:
  • R10 – e.g. Education facilities – machine rooms for wood working, building entries (wet), kitchens in guest houses.
  • R11 – e.g. Hotel & restaurant kitchens up to 100 meals a day
  • R12 – e.g. Hotel & restaurant kitchens over 100 meals a day
For more information please contact your nearest Floorspace consultant or on 0800SPACE1 or at

BTicino D45 door entry system

D45 kit

Company: HPM Legrand

The BTicino D45 door entry system simplifies installation in residential complexes. Suitable for single dwellings and installations of up to 3900 apartments, the D45 system offers cost efficiencies and innovative security functions.

Based on Cat5, the main components of the system includes: entrance panels, indoor audio and video handsets, a porter switchboard, accessories and power supply. Functions available include call, doorbell, conversation, monitor, unlock, network and alarms.

BTicino D45 can also be used as a monitoring system. It has the ability to connect alarms to handsets, which can be sent directly to the porter switchboard, SOS button and intercom between selected residences. With a smart power supply for the whole system, devices detect the power load status automatically so that they can switch to powersaving mode. To further reduce environmental impact, approximately 70% less copper is used in each system making it a smarter choice for today’s eco-conscious consumers.

For further information please Click Here to view the BTicino D45 door entry catalogue. BTicino is available through electrical wholesalers or your Electrician.

HPM Legrand – 0800 476 009 –

D45 Lady