Company: Celcrete International

In times of increasing environmental awareness, any material that looks the part, keeps your home whisper quiet and leaves a tiny ecological footprint is surely a giant step forward for us all.

Celcrete is just such a green construction innovation. This aerated concrete building material has been popular throughout Europe for years, and is now widely used in Australia, the United States and Japan. Today, Celcrete cladding panels and solid-block building systems bring New Zealand house builders the opportunity to achieve a masonry home at economic costs. A Celcrete masonry cladding system gives a house the look and feel of permanence.

The material’s inherent features make it even more attractive from both a design and upkeep point of view – Celcrete offers high-rating sound insulation, is fire-resistant, pest-resistant, and doesn’t rot. Celcrete’s cellular makeup means it is a one fifth of the weight of standard concrete and is easy to install. It can be cut, drilled, channelled and shaped on site, using conventional hand or power tools.

If all this wasn’t enough, Celcrete is made from raw, abundant materials and is free of pollutants and toxic substances. Celcrete is offered in exterior cladding panels, solid blocks, load-bearing panels, interior wall panels and veneer blocks.

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