IXDL-Y by temperzone

Company: Temperzone

EC fan motors have some great benefits. The fans ability to control the air volume eliminates the need for VAV controls in the ductwork. This allows for more precise control of both temperature and air volume. More precise control equates to both greater comfort levels and energy efficiency.

EC motors have the advantage of having a wide fan speed range. They can either be ‘stepped’ (as per traditional PSC motors), or ‘continuously variable’ via a 0–10 volt dc external input. Temperzone’s new low profile IXDL-Y Series are multi-zone, allowing individual control of the air flow and hence performance in each zone. The IXDL-Y range includes five models using from 1 to 5 EC motor fans with an airflow ranging from 100 to 1000 l/s.

Each individual EC motor is designed to be controlled independently via a BMS, delivering the required variable air volume to different parts (zones) of the building.

Controlling the EC motors via the BMS enables the client to enjoy continually optimised conditions in every zone of the building, easily managed through one central controller. The ability to precisely control the air flow and temperature also means that the system is highly energy efficient.

A choice of coil configurations is available, including hot and cold water circuits and opposite handing. Factory fitted controls and water control valves are an optional extra.