When it comes to COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel, we don’t often mention the metallic coated steel substrate that’s kept COLORSTEEL® products performing for the last 20 years. When you chose COLORSTEEL® Endura® or COLORSTEEL® Maxx® roofing, cladding or rainwater products, you’re also getting the assurance of ZINCALUME® steel.

Here are 6 good reasons to trust ZINCALUME® steel:

  1. It is proven to perform in the real world
  2. It is proven to perform in the laboratory
  3. It is the only steel roofing substrate that is made in New Zealand
  4. It is specifically designed for roofing and cladding applications
  5. It is thick but smart
  6. It is at the leading edge of materials innovation

There is a team of more than 50 researchers in New Zealand and Australia focused on ZINCALUME® steel R&D to ensure it remains a global benchmark for resilience and superior real-world performance. These researchers have been testing and developing our next generation of ZINCALUME® steel for the past 17 years. That is why you can trust that ZINCALUME® steel will continue to be a global leader in roofing and cladding performance, innovation and resilience.

ZINCALUME® steel – it’s the steel substrate that’s helped make COLORSTEEL® prepainted steel New Zealand’s favorite roofing brand … by far.

If you would like to receive a ‘6 Good Reasons to trust ZINCALUME® steel’ flyer call 0800 100 523 or email info@colorsteel.co.nz