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Company: Polyflor

Acoustics has fast become one of the primary focuses of architects, designers, builders and contractors for both residential and commercial interiors.

Polyflor acoustic vinyl floor coverings have been designed and developed to assist in improving the acoustic properties within residential, commercial and public locations as well as providing the additional benefits of aesthetics, performance, hygiene and durability.

Featuring a closed-cell foam backing, Polyflor Acoustix Forest fx and Acoustix Gallery fx provides an impact sound reduction level of at least 19dB. Acoustix Forest fx & Acoustix Gallery fx are ideal for residential and commercial areas where impact sound reduction is paramount including:

  • Aged-care, social housing and student accommodation. Specific locations include communal entrances and meeting areas, stairs, corridors and general living spaces.
  • Heavy commercial areas within education and healthcare facilities and general commercial public spaces. Specific areas include corridors, classrooms, reception and waiting areas, wards and general locations where impact sound reduction is a key requirement.

Polyflor’s Acoustic suite of products also includes Polysafe Wood fx Acoustix for areas where safety flooring is a requirement. Polysafe Wood fx Acoustix brings together the key attributes of safety, aesthetics and performance for complete piece of mind.

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