Company: Gibson Veneer & Plywood

NaturaStone is a 6mm thick Australian Made Quartz Surface material combining the ease of handling and fabrication of a Laminate with the exceptional durability of a Quartz Engineered Stone…

NaturaStone Quartz Surface is 90% natural quartz combined with a high performance acrylic polymer for beautiful bench top surfaces. Manufactured using a propriety formulation and processing technique, NaturaStone slabs are also reinforced with a multi filament encapsulated glass mesh.

Diamond polished to a lustrous gloss finish NaturaStone slabs are solid non-porous and one piece, with exceptional scratch, stain,heat and impact resistance.

Although NaturaStone has a high hardness level of over 7.5 MOHS, NaturaStone is a flexible product resisting chipping and cracking.

NaturaStone is backed by a 12 year warranty and is manufactured in a wide range of beautiful colours to enhance any decor in any style.

With the increasing demand for quartz surfaces, the shortfalls of polyester based e-stone, opens the door for the state of the art next generation quartz surface, NaturaStone…it’s the new answer!

The unique technology of NaturaStone has not been matched by any quartz stone manufacturer anywhere in the world and with such a cost effective and user friendly fabrication process, it can be used in an infinite variety of Residential and Commercial projects.

For more information please contact:

Email: sales@gvpnz.com or phone: +64 9 838 3000 or web: www.naturastone.com.au