Company: Asona

Whimsical fantasy or a practical solution to acoustic control, while adding a dash of flair and good old fashion fun into the work place. This was the question that was answered by the architects CPRW for the ASB Lincoln Rd refurbishment. The architects chose Asona’s Triton Fabric Cloud Panels and customised the panels to playfully  imitate umbrellas, grapes and a fern frond. The final shapes were wrapped in fresh coloured and lustrous fabrics from Vivid Textiles & Laine Furnishing adding to the over-all effect while craftily controlling the room reverberation. Asona Fabric Cloud Panels are a proprietary edge wrapped 50mm thick high sound absorbing acoustical panel with either a Sonatex glass mat acoustic facing or can be fabric wrapped. Designed as a free floating acoustic ceiling panel or direct fixed ceiling panel it is ideal for busy commercial environments. Made in NZ, the Cloud Panels are available in a wide range of shapes, sizes and decorative finishes to suit the wildest imagination.

For further info our in-house design team can work with your concepts and integrate the ceiling plan into your interior theme.

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