Zero Energy Cooling

Company: Colt Products & Systems

How do we cool large buildings for zero cost?

Cooling large buildings during the summer months doesn’t need to cost the earth:

Using the cooling power of water and converting the sun’s energy into electricity, it is possible to achieve zero energy cooling. No electricity bills and no impact on the environment. That is what our CoolStream evaporative cooling and ventilation system can do, and the hotter the sunshine, the better it works!

How does it work?

Natural Ventilation + Adiabatic Cooling + Solar Energy

CoolStream draws the warm air from the outside through a wetted medium, as the warm air goes through, the water in the wetted medium evaporates, energy is exchanged and the air temperature goes down. The warmer the outside air, the more efficient evaporative cooling is.

This system only needs a small quantity of electricity for the fan that circulates the air and this is where Colt’s latest innovation comes in. By combining CoolStream with any common photovoltaic scheme, the sun provides the electricity for the fan. Therefore we can now cool a large industrial building, in the hottest weather with 100% renewable energy use and zero C02 emissions!

Colt’s Natural ventilation systems will control your building’s environment and save you money by increasing productivity and reducing accidents.