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Avoid Costly Flooding with Marley Surface Drainage


Company: Marley

New Zealand has many surface water drainage issues due to our wet climate. When we create a permanent surface, like a concrete driveway or patio, it creates the need to drain excess water off these permanent surfaces. If a drainage solution is not created flooding and damage will occur as well as creating potential safety issues Common areas without adequate drainage are:

  • Garages
  • Patios
  • Garden walkways
  • Swimming Pools
  • Outdoor Entertainment areas

The solution for draining these areas is through Surface Drainage Channels. The surface water is directed to drainage channels which serve as a drainage point as well as a draining network. Marley has a full range of Surface Drainage solution for the home and commercial building The uPVC Shallow Connecto Channel System is an ideal choice for cost effective easy residential installations.

  • The Shallow Channel range is ideal where there are minimum depth requirements. They are suitable for apartments, terraces, patios, decks, garden walkways, swimming pools and building entrances.
  • The system has a simple interlocking modular design that uses “Connecto”design technology that requires no corners.
  • The Channel units slide together to form a 90o corner.
  • The shallow channel utilises only 4 components to complete an installation.
  • There are 5 grating options available to suit the specific use and design requirements

The Marley Shallow Channel provides an easy effective solution for residential surface drainage.

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New rules for fire retardant materials in new buildings

Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 14.01.40

Company: Ampelite

Get yourself up to speed with the new requirements.

From April 2013 year the NZ Building Code has adopted a new set of rules around the way products are tested for fire safety. Buildings have been divided into seven risk groups, each with its own acceptable solution to best manage the risk that the building has if it caught on fire. There are certain buildings that are outside the scope of the Acceptable Solutions but an ongoing understanding of the changes going forward is crucial to all in the building industry. The new changes came into effect in April 2013 after a year’s grace period.

What’s changed?
Until April this year, the NZ Building Code compliance documents used Early Fire Hazard indices based on an Australian fire test method AS 1530 Part 3, however this test did not adequately evaluate actual fire performance where initial burning is difficult to establish but the material has a high heat content. Apparently stable products, once ignited posed significant risk in an actual fire.

The Internal Surface Finishes performance standard in the NZBC is now based on a combination of both small scale and large scale testing using the ISO 5660 or ISO 9705 fire test. There are now seven risk groups for buildings and detailed information can be found at and

Products used in all new buildings are now required to have group numbers which demonstrate how well the inside surface finish resists the spread of fire. Group numbers range from 1 to 4, 1 being the best and 4 being a product that fuels a fire. Existing buildings which are being altered or their use changed must meet the new fire design code.

There are a number of implications on suppliers of products in the roofing industry. For example underlays (requiring a flammability index), steel and natural lighting products (which require testing and certification to the appropriate group).

Ampelite NZ’s SL (group 3) and SL-PLUS (group 2) range comply with the new changes. Our SL-PLUS product has recently achieved a group 2 rating under the required testing, further details on these products can be viewed at our web site on or you can talk to one of our sales team on 0800 AMPELITE.


Enspire Bamboo Plywood Panels

Pearson Kitchen 5

Company: Gibson Veneer & Plywood Ltd

Enspire Bamboo Plywood has become one of the most talked about building products in the last year, among green building professionals and architects. Bamboo is versatile and is a renewable resource that can yield many harvests over a typical 25-50 year tree life cycle. Enspire product is made from the world’s finest bamboo species Moso and is typically harvested after only 5-6 years of growth. Moso bamboo is not a food source for the endangered Panda.

Strong, straight, hard wearing and beautiful as bench and counter tops, Enspire bamboo panels are a very practical choice for furniture and cabinets and an ideal building material. Available in 12mm, 15mm, 20mm and 40mm, 2400mm x 1200mm or 2400mm x 600mm panels MOSO Bamboo plywood is 30% harder than Oak and 17% harder than Maple and is a natural timber hardwood option with no decorative equal.

A combination of horizontal and vertical laminations creates a unique edge detail. The natural grain faces can be clear finished or stained as required.

Pearson Kitchen 2


Aluminium Systems – Warmer, drier homes

Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 14.34.35

Company: Aluminium Systems

Maximise thermal-efficiency with superior performance and design flexibility. The Designer Thermal Series is tested to withstand very high wind zones, making it ideal for coastal properties. What’s more, our Premium 55 panel can accommodate triple glazing and larger-sized panels of glass – for uninterrupted views and light.

  • Create homes that are warmer, healthier, and more efficient to heat.
  • You have the design freedom to create stunning windows and doors – with an unparalleled choice of formats, colours and finishes.
  • Includes a full range of product options, including awning and casement windows; and bifold, hinged, sliding and stacking doors.

To further tailor the Designer Thermal Series to meet your project needs, there are four product ranges from the high performing Premium 55 to the versatile Standard range. These ranges can be matched as required to provide maximum performance and thermal efficiency.



  • Nominal 32mm panel width
  • 60% thermal performance*
  • 24mm IGU (insulated glass unit) capacity


Premium 45

  • Nominal 45mm panel width
  • Enables larger openings with 64% thermal performance*
  • 30mm IGU (insulated glass unit) capacity
  • Dual colour option


Premium 45 Timberclad

  • Nominal 55mm panel width
  • Only thermally broken composite (timber/aluminium) suite available
  • 57% thermal performance*
  • Natural Timber interior finish


Premium 55

  • Nominal 55mm panel width
  • Maximises design flexibility
  • Provides architectural aesthetic and performance with large overall platform and panel widths
  • 73% thermal performance**
  • 40mm IGU capacity (includes triple glazing options)
  • Dual colour option

* Over standard non-thermally broken joinery, based on 4-12-4 clear double glazing. ** Over standard non-thermally broken joinery, based on 4-12-4-12-4 clear triple glazing. The Designer Thermal Series uses D1010 premium architectural powder coatings to provide a durable, resilient colour finish. Powder coatings are warranted for 15 years for residential applications*, for both colour integrity and film integrity, when applied and tested in accordance with AS3715-2002. *Conditions apply For more information contact or phone 09 574 2964


New Acoustic Ceiling Tile


Company: InsulPro Manufacturing

We have just launched a new Acoustic ceiling tile into the New Zealand market that is lightweight, easy to install and completely customisable.  The NOVAhush Acoustic ceiling tile is 100% polyester and designed to fit into standard suspended ceiling systems with a high noise reduction coefficient (NRC) of 0.8.

The acoustic ceiling tiles are a revolution in design and functionality as the opportunity for your own customisable print is only limited by your imagination – whether it’s 1 or 1000 tiles you are wanting, a single colour screen print or a full colour digital print, the NOVAhush acoustic ceiling tile provides the freedom to choose.

Safe and flexible functionality ensures the product is:

  • Lightweight (1600 gsm) and easy to install
  • Group 1S – ISO 9705 Fire Rated
  • Easily cut to accommodate ceiling services
  • Moisture resistant
  • Non irritant and non toxic (chemical free)
  • Highly durable

Our current stock item has a non-directional, grey ‘speckled’ print (as shown in the imagery below) and is 595mm x 1195mm x 18mm.  The lightweight nature of the tiles makes them an ideal component for any seismic design solution in a suspended ceiling system.  Combined with NOVAhush Acoustic blanket, panel absorber or bafflestack, InsulPro products can create a total acoustic solution for any commercial premises.

20130917-dsc_00781_lres 2


Steel Yourself; this Home is Paradise



No need to ask Richard Devine why he chose to build his dream home in steel: as an engineer who’d been designing and building in industrial-strength steel for nearly 40 years, he knew the benefits. 

However, that’s not how the house was originally designed. 

When Richard and his wife Liane moved onto their Forest Road property, they lived for four years in a 144m² ‘tin shed’, experiencing rural life while also developing their new business in Taupo. 

During this time they played around with designs for the house they planned to build on the property. At this stage they didn’t think beyond a traditional timber-framed and timber-clad building. When they’d got all their ideas on paper, they took their floor plans to their architect friend Doug Johnson who designed their house according to their concept, and then prompt Council approval meant the Devine’s’ were ready to build their house – in wood.

Meanwhile, as they ‘got their heads round’ their new business, KiwiSpanNZ – building and supplying steel frame buildings, car ports, garages and rural buildings in sizes to suit most conditions – they increasingly came to appreciate the versatility of steel for residential buildings.

Richard soon realised the advantages of combining the wide-span steel beams they used in their sheds with the lighter weight AXXIS® Steel for Framing, and using COLORSTEEL® for cladding as well as roofing – and grasped the full potential of using steel throughout their new home.

So, Doug Johnson redrew the plans to specify steel – steel frames, steel cladding and steel roofing – which meant returning to Council for another building consent.

“Our consented design involved the juxta-positioning of five KiwiSpanNZ ‘tin sheds’ in three different sizes, each linked to another by passageways, creating easy-flow access,” Richard explains. “Each roof is supported by galvanised, high-tensile steel spans, which means the interior steel wall frames are not load-bearing, which in turn means we could put them wherever we wanted. That led to innovative interior design.”

This combination of modules gives the 380m² house an interesting roof line, while the corrugated COLORSTEEL® cladding, interspersed with recycled hardwood and stonework, presents an intriguing façade under the multi-level COLORSTEEL® 0.55 Plumbdek Roofing Iron.

All steel is in the subdued shade of Grey Friars, chosen for its consistency in blending with the native bush and rocky outcrops of the surrounding countryside. The property speaks of environmental awareness and a subtle modesty in this anything-but-modest home. The two steel profiles are linked seamlessly by the spouting, also in Grey Friars toning.

The portico’s trusses, beams and poles are of recycled hardwood, which has also been introduced in unexpected places, both out- and inside the house – and includes some cedar and a considerable amount of Australian jarrah from poles rescued from demolished bridges.

Inside, there are many eye-catching yet convenient features. Striking are the three different ceiling heights, according to the dimensions of the KiwiSpan frames used, which mirror the exterior roof line. A double-fronted central fireplace with stone surrounds directly warms two living spaces while under floor heating from a diesel boiler maintains warmth throughout the house, a three-unit DVS system ensures it circulates and double-glazed windows contain it within the house.

“Although we did choose a better-than-standard quality because of the location, not because of the design, we didn’t need to install any extra insulation because of our corrugated COLORSTEEL® cladding,” Richard explained, adding, “But we did put in a heat pump down in the family room to augment the warmth delivered through the DVS system.”

An innovative feature that has proved remarkably successful is the outdoor/indoor barbeque area, a four-metre wide by eight-metre long entertainment zone with the stone fireplace at one end and a barbeque at the other. The area is comfortable in all weather conditions as the COLORSTEEL® side walls slide back and forward, and stack to overlap each other – and so ensure both protection from the cold and a spacious indoor-outdoor flow into the summer sunshine. The stone work at the fireplace end of the room is complemented by subtle use of the recycled Australian jarrah which is such a significant feature on the exterior.

Both the lounge and the master bedroom have sarked ceilings lined with grooved plywood painted in light colours, giving them – and the house – an airy feel. Living, leisure and service area floors have been lightly ground to give an industrial salt-and-pepper effect with scatter rugs covering the lounge, kitchen and two-metre wide hallways, while the bedrooms are carpeted.

The actual building of the house was an inside job. Richard’s crew at KiwiSpanNZ were engaged to do the work, which they did in between other contracts. This meant the actual construction took a bit longer than if the crew had been focused on only the Devine house, but then, Richard and Liane had waited four years already – and were living on site anyway.

The fabrication of steel was also done on site – by Eddie Eagles and his Taupo firm of EziSteel, fabricators of light gauge steel framing and trusses for their New Zealand-wide market.

EziSteel set up their computer-controlled CNC roll forming machine on their purpose-built trailer in a shed on Richard’s property, where they manufactured the precision-made AXXIS® steel frames and trusses. Once the Devines had their concept plan, elevations and floor layout, Eddie’s expertise and his CAD programme did the rest.

The proximity was a bonus for both Richard and Eddie.

“This high tensile steel is so light, it took only two men to walk each section from shed to house site and lift the framing and trusses into place – and none of us suffered from those builders’ ailments: sore shoulders and back ache!

“Eddie’s manufacturing precision to 1/10 per mm ensured all the holes were in the right place, and although the build looks complicated, in fact this was more like a large jigsaw – with all the parts fitting perfectly. Steel is a very user-friendly material to work with – and there are no nails in a steel house: all parts are screwed or riveted together through those pre-drilled holes.”

As for changing your mind when you’re building with steel: “It happens all the time,” agrees Eddie. “But it’s no problem. A customer wants a window sill at a certain height but when it’s in place it’s too high and blocks the view from a sitting position – so we drill out the rivets and get out the tin snips, cut off the extra length and put the wall frame together again. Raising the height of the window sill is a bit trickier but still no real problem.”

Eddie’s expertise was invaluable, Richard feels. “He didn’t just supply the steel materials. He gave us all the support and advice we needed.”

And now over two years on, how do Richard and Liane enjoy living in their dream home? He says they have lots of admiring comments from visitors to add to their own appreciation of their home.

“We just love it,” Richard confirms. “The flow’s good. It’s really working for us. It suits the whole family. A while ago we’ve stayed for a night at an up-market hotel – and came away loving this home even more. It’s better than a 10-Star hotel.

We face north into full sunshine and never miss a sunbeam. We’re 660 metres high, with views of the headlands of Whakatane to the east and hills covered in native bush and farms to the north. We are surrounded by a panorama of rural New Zealand and the native bush sees to it that we are serenaded from dawn to dusk by native birds. What’s more, the trees we planted five to ten years ago have now really taken off.

“Heaven can’t be any better.”


JNF Architectural Hardware, Excitingly different

amb16 34269_pormenor

Company: Mardeco

With a real focus on quality, Mardeco had been searching for some time to find a stunning range to offer to the high-end market within New Zealand. With that, the door to the JNF range was opened to kiwis for the first time.

Featuring sleek European design, and guaranteed quality, JNF offers something excitingly different for the discerning consumer. JNF pride themselves on addressing and creating trends within contemporary architecture, whilst always adhering to strict quality guidelines, ensuring that only the best products make it over to our shores.

The range fulfils the needs of New Zealanders by being appealing, durable, and most importantly, practical. The creative minds at JNF in Portugal have created a range of handles, hooks, flush pulls, door stops, locks, hinges and sliding door hardware that will fit seamlessly into any building and help any New Zealander create the home they have always envisioned.

JNF architectural hardware by Mardeco, is available now through selected specialised hardware stores nationwide.



New internal pre-finished panel


Company: James Hardie

ARChitectural™ Invibe™ panel is an internal pre-finished panel characterised by a lustrous coloured look. Invibe™ panel’s core DNA is durability, because it’s made from James Hardie® 6mm thick cement-composite substrate that’s coated using ChromaShield™ 200 series. Invibe™ panel offers a ‘double shield’ of durability in a vast range of commercial and residential interior wall applications in both wet and dry areas.

Product Specification

  • 2700 x 1200 x 6mm
  •  Finish gloss or satin
  • Application on commercial and residential interior wall in both wet and dry area

Features / benefits

  • Lustrous, coloured look in a satin or gloss finish – A carefully selected colour range** that delivers an ‘on trend’ palette to suit a variety of different aesthetics. Gloss and satin finishes used together extend design opportunities to create a multitude of wall patterns.
  • Design integrity – Design integrity is maintained over time due to a high level of performance. It’s resistant to fading, yellowing, peeling and flaking*. It also provides good resistance to abrasion, wear and light surface scratching.
  • Fire resistance – Made from a non-combustible substrate and achieves the best possible fire hazard properties classification of ‘Group 1-S’ – assessed as per ISO 5660 cited in ‘Protection From Fire’ Clause C of the NZBC. This enables Invibe™ panel to be used in the broadest range of fire exit ways in commercial and residential building applications*.
  • Resistant to damage from moisture and steam – Can be used in wet area applications, including enclosed shower areas. The ChromaShield™ 200 series coating provides a impervious surface barrier to moisture, and the James Hardie® cement-composite substrate is a homogenous material that is resistant to damage from moisture*.
  • Warranty – 15 year product warranty.

For more information visit

* Key benefits apply when the product is installed and maintained correctly and to the extent set out in James Hardie’s published literature current at the time of installation.




Wall wise with Surtech wallcoverings from Resene

2111_Surtech_red chair_texture_3 2

Company: Resene

New to Resene is Surtech self-adhesive glass fabric. Simply apply, followed with new Resene Surtech Surfacer and finish in your chosen Resene coloured topcoats.

Surtech is self-adhesive and can be easily repositioned, saving time mucking around with pasting or repositioning. The Surtech fabric isn’t permanently adhered until the Surfacer is applied so you can remove and reapply strips of Surtech prior to applying the Surfacer if needed. The fibre reinforcing adds rigidity and strength to the finish and makes it ideal in high traffic areas such as schools, rest homes and hospitals where damage is more likely. As fibreglass is fire retardant this added protection is built into the system.

Ask your Resene representative or Resene ColorShop team whether Surtech is right for your next project.  Or view the Surtech FAQs online – click here

0800 RESENE (737 363)


Every project starts with a Sound Base

Company: GDK Group

Qantas Fitout

Evolving over 25 years from a small Australian domestic joinery manufacturer, GDK Group produces acoustic, custom joinery, wet area and substrate printing solutions for the commercial fitout and construction sectors under the Imprint-Global brand.

GDK’s reputation has been established through quality products and the ability to adapt and develop industry-leading innovation.

A vertically integrated supply chain gives full control of processes and quality from initial enquiry to product delivery. Together with the practice of MSA lean manufacturing and continuous staff training programmes GDK takes pride in delivering superior value based solutions.

2014 will see GDK’s commitment to quality and delivering the very best solutions take a leap forward with the installation of a state of the art fully automated manufacturing line, tripling current capacity. In conjunction with Wood & Grieves Engineers, GDK will be opening a new reverberation chamber facility at its Sydney facility, providing a full turnkey solution from design concept and prototype through to fully tested and certified.

GDK is committed to the on-going sustainability of the timber industry and upholds the very best practices sourcing only from renewable and sustainable forests.

The company carries certification from the British Standards Industry (BSI), the leading ISO certification body globally, and Woodmark, one of the founding certifying bodies of the FSC, PEFC and COC Certification Associations.

Qantas Meeting Room