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Company: HPM Legrand

Soluflex from Legrand is an innovative new flooring system that integrates low-level flooring with Legrand’s market leading cable management and accessories solution to create well organised, multifunctional spaces. Constructed from steel tiles with recycled polypropylene supports, Soluflex requires no glue or fixings. As a result, the system is quick to install, 100% recyclable and can be reconfigured to meet the changing needs of commercial environments.

Installation is easy – simply place supports on the floor and click the durable steel tiles into place. Cabling can be installed anywhere under the floor and the location of connections can be determined at any stage, offering added flexibility and freedom of design. All cables for power, data and telecoms can be configured in a logical, ready to use layout that remains concealed. The finished installation can be covered with carpet, tiles, rubber, stone or timber.

Floors and cables can be installed almost simultaneously saving time and maximising budgets. Connection points can also be added or restructured in minutes without having to cut or break cables, offering endless cabling potential for immediate and future requirements.

There are four low-level access flooring systems to choose from and all can be instantly reconfigured to meet changing power and data needs:

The Soluflex 37 mm version has been designed with renovation in mind. Ideal for refurbishment where floor to ceiling space is limited, particularly in older buildings, power can be accessed from flush mounting socket outlets, or cable snakes and power poles.

In addition to the shallow system power and data solutions, the 60 mm version incorporates a twin socket outlet that allows electrical devices to be connected under the floor.

The 90 mm and 120 mm Soluflex solutions offer increased capacity for bulk cabling and outlet units.

Where accessibility is a concern, Soluflex ramps can manage the transition from one floor height to another.

Designed for perfection integration with Legrand’s Arteor range of power, data and AV sockets and Cablofil steel wire cable tray system, Legrand Soluflex is a complete solution for the changing face of today’s commercial installations.

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Soluflex Brochure_2010_19-2-10.qxd