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Company: Aluminium Systems

Maximise thermal-efficiency with superior performance and design flexibility. The Designer Thermal Series is tested to withstand very high wind zones, making it ideal for coastal properties. What’s more, our Premium 55 panel can accommodate triple glazing and larger-sized panels of glass – for uninterrupted views and light.

  • Create homes that are warmer, healthier, and more efficient to heat.
  • You have the design freedom to create stunning windows and doors – with an unparalleled choice of formats, colours and finishes.
  • Includes a full range of product options, including awning and casement windows; and bifold, hinged, sliding and stacking doors.

To further tailor the Designer Thermal Series to meet your project needs, there are four product ranges from the high performing Premium 55 to the versatile Standard range. These ranges can be matched as required to provide maximum performance and thermal efficiency.



  • Nominal 32mm panel width
  • 60% thermal performance*
  • 24mm IGU (insulated glass unit) capacity


Premium 45

  • Nominal 45mm panel width
  • Enables larger openings with 64% thermal performance*
  • 30mm IGU (insulated glass unit) capacity
  • Dual colour option


Premium 45 Timberclad

  • Nominal 55mm panel width
  • Only thermally broken composite (timber/aluminium) suite available
  • 57% thermal performance*
  • Natural Timber interior finish


Premium 55

  • Nominal 55mm panel width
  • Maximises design flexibility
  • Provides architectural aesthetic and performance with large overall platform and panel widths
  • 73% thermal performance**
  • 40mm IGU capacity (includes triple glazing options)
  • Dual colour option

* Over standard non-thermally broken joinery, based on 4-12-4 clear double glazing. ** Over standard non-thermally broken joinery, based on 4-12-4-12-4 clear triple glazing. The Designer Thermal Series uses D1010 premium architectural powder coatings to provide a durable, resilient colour finish. Powder coatings are warranted for 15 years for residential applications*, for both colour integrity and film integrity, when applied and tested in accordance with AS3715-2002. *Conditions apply For more information contact or phone 09 574 2964