Pearson Kitchen 5

Company: Gibson Veneer & Plywood Ltd

Enspire Bamboo Plywood has become one of the most talked about building products in the last year, among green building professionals and architects. Bamboo is versatile and is a renewable resource that can yield many harvests over a typical 25-50 year tree life cycle. Enspire product is made from the world’s finest bamboo species Moso and is typically harvested after only 5-6 years of growth. Moso bamboo is not a food source for the endangered Panda.

Strong, straight, hard wearing and beautiful as bench and counter tops, Enspire bamboo panels are a very practical choice for furniture and cabinets and an ideal building material. Available in 12mm, 15mm, 20mm and 40mm, 2400mm x 1200mm or 2400mm x 600mm panels MOSO Bamboo plywood is 30% harder than Oak and 17% harder than Maple and is a natural timber hardwood option with no decorative equal.

A combination of horizontal and vertical laminations creates a unique edge detail. The natural grain faces can be clear finished or stained as required.

Pearson Kitchen 2