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BGC Innova Stratum™


Company: BGC Fibre Cement

The external finish of a house is just as important as the internal finish that people spend so long to get perfect. The external part of the house creates that initial ‘wow’ factor when people see the building.

The brand new Innova Stratum™ range from BGC Fibre Cement can give your home a contemporary feel; and with 3 striking profiles to choose from there is sure to be one that suits your project.

Stratum is a 300mm wide plank with a 16mm horizontal joint. Stratum™ Duo is again a 300mm wide plank but features a 16mm wide groove in the centre of the plank giving the appearance of 2 thinner planks. Stratum™ Contour is a self aligning plank 170mm wide and features a 2mm deep shadowline at the top of each plank.

Each of the 3 profiles can be used by itself or combine the profiles for a striking exterior cladding solution. All 3 profiles have BRANZ appraisal.

The Innova Stratum™ range is quick and easy to install with gun nailing and manual nailing installation methods; Stratum™  is the perfect choice for a modern alternative to traditional weatherboards.

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Two Incredible Double Shower Heads

Foreno 1

Company: Foreno

While some people love the immersive feeling of a rain head shower, others prefer the accessibility of a removable handpiece. For other people, the ability to pick & choose which day they get their hair wet is the draw card. No matter what the showering style, the double head shower gives the user the ultimate choice of luxury.

As the must have showering accessory today, Foreno bring you two incredible double head shower options. Available with modernised lines the Square Double Head Shower (C2-2) joins the Round Double Head Shower (C3-2) which boasts a much gentler curve, in the Foreno range.

The handpiece features 3 different showering functions & diverts to the rain head shower at the top bracket. The adjustable slide allows the height of the handpiece to be altered to suit the user- especially ideal for the family dynamic.

Other features include:

  • Metal Construction Rail
  • 3 Function Handpiece
  • Large Airdrive 200mm Head
  • Mains Pressure Only
  • 2 year warranty
  • C2-2 RRP$419
  • C3-2 RRP$399

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Foreno 2


New from Eurometals


Company: Euro Metals

CopperPlus® – Innovative 3-layer composite

CopperPlus® is a composite clad metal made up of several layers of copper and stainless steel. The copper layers are roll-bonded under great pressure to a core of stainless steel to create a new clad material. Cladding enables properties individual metals do not possess to be combined in customised fashion. As a copper-clad, stainless-steel composite, CopperPlus® brings you the stunning ageing and optical characteristics of copper combined with the strength and weight advantages of stainless steel.

How you benefit: Copper without the cost! Also, we will give you a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty, provided that it is installed correctly.  Bottom line: CopperPlus® gives you higher performance for lower cost.

CopperPlus® offers excellent workability.

Cut, form, bend, solder or weld it, thanks to its lower weight and inherent strength, installation is faster and more efficient.

Fastening by all the usual means – screws, bolts, rivets and clips made of copper, stainless steel, brass or bronze.

Makes soldering quick and easy. Solders like copper, using the same solders and fluxes, and brazing is no problem at the right temperature and heat input.

CopperPlus® – copper clad stainless steel for all architectural applications



Surround yourself with sound for a new kind of KOHLER shower experience…

Kohler 1

Company: KOHLER

Your music. Your shower. Your time.

In a very audible first, global leader in innovative bathroom design, KOHLER, has introduced a new sensory experience to showerheads with the Moxie Showerhead Wireless Speaker. Introducing the multi award-winning Bluetooth® enabled showerhead that streams music, news and more into your shower!

The Moxie is the first of its kind to combine the delivery of water and music.  Kohler’s beautifully designed Moxie showerhead really is the best way to listen to music in the shower – a high quality mix of excellent sound and refreshing, revitalising water coverage.

The design exudes simple, flowing lines with a chrome funnel-shaped showerhead and white silicone interior housing 60-90 angled nozzles around its perimeter.  The integrated wireless speaker fits perfectly inside this – cleverly held in place by virtue of magnets!

Pairing of the Moxie with a blue-tooth enabled device – smart phone, MP3 or iMac for example – is easy.  Simply press and hold the single button on the front of the Moxie speaker to activate the pairing.  Next to this button is a small light that indicates both connectivity and if recharging of the lithium battery is required.  To charge simply pop the speaker out of the showerhead and recharge via the USB lead provided – the speaker is held in place by magnetic surfaces so it couldn’t be easier.  Each charge gives about seven hours of use.

The Moxie showerhead comes in two sizes – a 12.5cm (5 inch) and a 20cm (8 inch) shower rose – has a clean white silicone spray face, 1.5 watt speaker and a three star WELS rating (the highest attainable).  Its chrome surface is resistant to both tarnishing and corrosion.

Independent reviews have confirmed the sound of the Moxie is both crisp and clear with no distortion, even at full volume.   So no matter how strong the shower, you won’t miss a beat!

The speaker of the Moxie has a pairing range of 10 metres and can be removed for enjoyment on the go, throughout the bathroom and beyond.


The Kohler Moxie showerhead is available exclusively from the Kohler Design Centre, Auckland and Mico stores nationally

For product details visit

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The first ever ENERGY STAR® rated ducted air-conditioning range is here


Company: Fujitsu

Fujitsu continue to lead in heat pump air-conditioning with a comprehensive range of models that have many unique and convenient features. Importantly, the range is also exceptionally energy efficient. In fact, it’s the first ever range to be awarded the ENERGY STAR® mark by EECA for its efficiency.

Whilst it is recognised that heat pumps are the most efficient heating in New Zealand, the Fujitsu range stands head and shoulders above the rest, with the ability to deliver significant, on-going power savings for the life of the units.

In addition, some models in the Fujitsu range offers an optional Zone Control System, allowing you to control the heating and cooling in up to 8 zones (rooms).

With concealed low-profile units, a wide choice of discreet vent designs, whisper quiet operation and New Zealand’s most economical and efficient heating and cooling technology, it’s never been easier to specify one brand name for all your ducted air-conditioning and heat pump projects.


Colourful and Modern Hush Shutter aluminium door jambs

Designer 1

Company: Designer Aluminium

Hush Shutter aluminium door jambs are the modern way to go.

Aluminium jambs are striking in appearance and extremely functional.

Made from extruded aluminium, with a powdercoat finish, 34 standard powdercoat colours are available, and also non standard colour options, e.g. corporate colours could be used very effectively.

Jambs are easy to install to timber framed or poly panel walls, and are much more hardwearing than timber, therefore maintenance free. In cases of extreme damage can be simply removed and replaced without extra decorating.

Hush Shutter can be used with sliding, hinged and cavity slider doors, and have a complementary skirting to give a seamless look.

Hush Shutter can be used in any type of construction, residential or commercial, including concrete block, but is particularly suitable in hospitals, rest homes etc. where considerable bed and wheel chair movements are involved. Also the quiet closing of doors (they close against mohair in the jamb) is a bonus in hospitals and rest homes.

Also education is another key situation. Hush Shutter is very resilient to knocks and heavy traffic usage. We recommend Hush Shutter for all educational situations from child care, kindergarten through to college.

Visit for more information.

Designer 2


The Heat is on!

Hot Water 1

Company: Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd.

Does your next commercial build need a powerful reliable hot water heating system? Does it need to provide hot water 24/7? Does it need to be economical to run? Then talk to Hot Water Heat Pumps Ltd.

We are New Zealand’s leading designer and manufacturer of heat pump water heaters. We are renown throughout the industry for our innovation, quality, performance and after sales service.

Our wide customer base includes city councils, hotel owners and group retirement villages. We offer bespoke solutions for commercial builds which run efficiently and economically.

Specified in the installation tender document, we recently created a bespoke hot water system for Hobsonville Point Secondary School in Auckland. Two 1000 litre duplex stainless steel insert cylinders and one commercial heat pump were fitted to maintain 60°C water in the cylinders. The heat pump extracts heat energy out of the air and puts it into the water, which means that on average, the running costs for this system will be up to two thirds of those of an alternative heat source.

Read more about this case on our website


Billi Achieves GOLD Global Greentag Certification!


Company : Merquip

In what is a world first for sustainability, Billi has achieved Gold Certification from Global Greentag.

In the boiling and chilled water unit category, a Gold Greentag Certification rating has never been achieved before, giving Billi, the inventor of under bench boiling and chilled water units, another world first.

Greentag is a global third party certification organisation that certifies product under a recognised rating process. Products are scored on the following 6 categories giving a holistic view of the sustainability rating of the product.

  • Synergy
  • Health & Ecotoxicity
  • Biodiversity
  • Life Cycle Assessment Score
  • GHG = 245.1kg C02e/unit and,
  • Social Responsibility

With its state-of-the-art water filtration systems, Billi sets new standards in environmental sensitivity, helping businesses to reduce their carbon footprint. Water and energy saving efficiency, recyclability and energy-efficient material choices mean a low environmental impact and increased environmental friendliness.

Sustainability, high quality, excellence in customer care and innovative, user-friendly design is what Billi has come to be recognised for as an Australian manufacturer over the past 25 years.

Visit or email us for further information about the boiling and chilled drinking water systems or to learn more about Greentag Certification.


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Knauf’s Heradesign Ideal Choice for Acoustic Panels

HeraDesign 2

Company: Knauf

Knauf is continuing to provide more choice to the NZ building market with the promotion of its remarkable Heradesign® acoustic panels.

Made in Austria with typical Knauf precision, Heradesign’s high performance acoustic wall and ceiling panels are made from wood wool sourced from sustainable timber.

Building experts know the importance of good acoustics in the built environment for health and well-being. In particular, effective soundproofing is key to influencing people’s mood and temperament.

Knauf’s Heradesign panels are exceptionally good at absorbing sound because the wood fibres provide a porous, diffuse surface. Instead of hitting a flat surface and reflecting back, the sound is absorbed and spread.

Available in a range of surface finishes, three thicknesses and two different types of edging, Heradesign can be painted in any colour. This versatility makes the product ideal for education, sports, office, infrastructure, entertainment, hospitality and recreational facilities.

The core components of Heradesign are wood, magnesite and water – making the panels a safe choice for New Zealand buildings. As well as being impact resistant and having a unique aesthetic, Heradesign has an impressive proven durability of more than 80 years.

Heradesign panels carry the European Commission CE mark certifying they meet EU safety, health and environmental requirements.

HeraDesign 3


Best Performer in UV Printing

Screen Shot 2014-03-05 at 12.25.24 pm

Company: Blueprint Imaging

FOREX® print sheet material is specially designed to meet the requirements in the sheet, and is outstanding due to its brilliant white, smooth, even surface which forms the basis for a perfect printing result, particularly for direct digital printing.


Due to its surface structure, FOREX® print attains optimum ink adhesion for printing and is extremely colour-fast. The sheet material is suitable for flat applications in such fields as sign-making and advertising for short-term and medium-term use. FOREX®print enables economic solutions in the field of printing applications.

FOREX®print at a glance:

  • Brilliant white, smooth, even surface for good printability, especially for direct digital printing
  • Optimum ink adhesion and colour fastness
  • Good dimensional accuracy of the sheets
  • Suitable for applications
  • Practicable for shorter to medium-term applications for interior and exterior use
  • “Ready to use“ – can be printed on directly without any pre-treatment required
  • Provided with protective film
  • Difficult-to-ignite and self-extinguishing

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